The Best Keratin Conditioners

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What to Look For

Flip the bottle over and make sure it has these key oil ingredients in it: jojoba, coconut, almond, rosemary and roman chamomile. These oils help to strengthen your hair, while trying to reverse all of the bad effects the environment and heating products have had on it.

Common Pitfalls

Some of these conditioners may contain the ingredient sodium chloride. Stay away from these products, as they will dry hair out, leading to breakage and frizzing. Manufacturers use this ingredient to make the consumer believe that her hair is less oily, but it is actually ruining her hair in the process.

Where to Buy

To browse the biggest inventory of keratin conditioners, check your local vitamin shops and beauty supply dealers, as they have trained staff on hand at all times to help you in your search for the best conditioner. If you still have questions, check with your cosmetologist and see what she recommends. If you've done your research and know exactly which keratin conditioner you want to buy, shop websites such as Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta or The Vitamin Shoppe.


A good keratin conditioner is going to cost you anywhere from $10 to $40, as of August 2010. The more expensive conditioners have added ingredients, such as chamomile essential oil and quinoa protein to moisturize, fortify and nourish hair, along with superior reviews to back their price. A recent online reviewer named Galahrose from Glenview, Illinois, wrote, "Keratin straightened my impossible hair! It is a bit expensive but so is retinol, my other miracle worker."

Comparison Shopping

For a rinse-out conditioner, try Mill Creek Keratin Conditioner, available in a sixteen-ounce bottle, and priced at around $8 as of August 2010. After shampooing, you leave this conditioner on for five to ten minutes to experience maximum effect.

For $24 (as of August 2010), you can purchase a five-ounce bottle of Global Keratin Leave-In conditioner. Not only does it protect your hair from harmful environmental factors, but it also works as a styling cream as well.

Insider Tips

After treating your hair with a keratin conditioner, try to keep it away from any heated styling products. Allow your hair to breathe and restore itself. As a matter of fact, you will notice that you may not need your styling products as much once you start using a keratin conditioner.