19 Cheap Baby Shower Decoration Ideas


Bringing a new life into the world is expensive — from nursery furniture to baby clothes to formula to diapers, costs for a new baby add up quickly. A baby shower is a way to not only celebrate bringing a new life into the world but to also give (or receive!) some of the things the new baby will need in his or her first few months. Don't bust your budget decorating for a baby shower and instead, spend an afternoon crafting some of these cheap baby shower decoration ideas instead.

1. Make a Stunning Topiary Centerpiece

Stringing whimsical paper cutouts of baby items like socks, sweaters and pants between two easy-to-make floral arrangements is an easy way to create a stunning topiary centerpiece. You can personalize it too if you know the baby's name!

Jonathan Fong

2. Build Your Own DIY Floral Baby Blocks

Make a colorful and customizable baby shower centerpiece with these DIY floral baby blocks. Make a letter for each guest at the table so they can take them home afterwards.

Jonathan Fong

3. Use Tissue Paper to Make Baby Shower Booties

Create a candy bar at your baby shower and then use these baby shower booties made out of tissue paper so your guests can take their favorite candies home. All you need is tissue paper, craft paper, dixie cups and ribbons to create these adorable favors.

Jonathan Fong

4. Make a Bear-Shaped Flower Arrangement

Floral arrangements can cost hundreds of dollars but you can make this bear-shaped flower arrangement on the cheap with carnations. Carnations are inexpensive, low-maintenance, festive and fun.

Jonathan Fong

5. Impress Guests With a DIY Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are totally trending right now and for good reason — they are full of useful objects for the parents-to-be. Make your own diaper cake and top it with washcloth flowers, toys and other items the baby might need.

Jonathan Fong

6. Make a Baby Carriage Diaper Cake

A twist on the classic diaper cake, this carriage version is a creative way to gift useful items the couple with definitely be thankful for once the baby arrives.

Jonathan Fong

7. Keep Drinks Cool With a Pretty Frozen Ice Bucket

Don't buy a pricey ice bucket when you can make a pretty one on your own! Fill a pail with rocks and water, add some citrus slices and flowers. Then freeze overnight for a gorgeous frozen fruit and floral ice bucket.

Jonathan Fong

8. Turn a Plain Store-Bought Orchid Into a Spectacular Arrangement

Store-bought orchids are typically inexpensive and can be used to create a gorgeous custom arrangement. You just need a few items that you can pick up from the craft store to turn a plain store-bought orchid into a spectacular arrangement.

Jonathan Fong

9. Make These Pretty Hanging Flower Balls

Get your friends and family to come over for a day of crafting and make an entire set of hanging flower balls for your baby shower decorations. You can use real flowers or silk flowers, so your hanging flower balls can last forever if you want!

Carrie Waller

10. Elevate Your Shower With Easy-to-Make Balloon Stakes

Pink or blue balloons are a staple of any baby shower. Take plain balloons to the next level by creating easy-to-make balloon stakes. You can use them to line the doors for a fun photo opp too.

Victoria Hudgins

11. Add Ambiance With Floating Candle Centerpieces

A pretty and elegant way to decorate tables for a baby shower is with a floating candle centerpiece. You can buy glass jars of varying sizes pretty cheaply at most craft stores, and tea lights are usually less than one dollar a piece.

Gillian Ellis

12. Make Fresh Floral Drink Stirrers

You can spruce up your drinks and impress your baby shower guests by making fresh floral drink stirrers. All you need for this decoration is bamboo skewers, gold wire, and of course, fresh flowers.

Gillian Ellis

13. Create Napkin Rings Using Fresh Florals

Nothing makes a place setting feel fancier than a napkin ring, especially one made with seasonal flowers. Create your own napkin rings using fresh florals and curtain rings.

Rachel Pereira

14. Make Quick & Easy Confetti

Don't buy confetti for your baby shower decorations — making your own confetti is quick and easy! All you need is tissue paper and a hole punch so you can make confetti while you're watching your favorite TV show.

Gillian Ellis

15. Make Party Poppers That Pop

Welcome the mother-to-be to her baby shower with festive party poppers. All you need is confetti, streamers, pastry tubes and crepe paper.

Gillian Ellis

16. Create a Banner With Confetti-Filled Balloons

Don't throw away your leftover homemade confetti from making party poppers — make confetti-filled balloons with it instead! String them along with fairy lights for a pretty and inexpensive baby shower decoration.

Gillian Ellis

17. Make a DIY Tassel Garland

DIY tassel garlands make for great, inexpensive baby shower decorations, and you can even use them in your home after the shower is over. Your guests might fight over who gets to take them home at the end of the party though, so you've been warned!

Lucy Akins

18. Create Your Own Gold Photo Backdrop

Make lasting memories with a DIY gold photo backdrop for your guests to take Instagram-worthy photos in front of during the baby shower. Grab some funny wigs, glasses and props to turn it into a complete photo booth.

Chelsea Foy

19. Make an Easy Backdrop With Classic Party Streamers

If your baby shower venue doesn't have enough color, decorate the walls with colored streamers instead. Match the colors to the new baby's nursery or use it as a way to reveal the baby's gender by hanging pink or blue streamers.

Victoria Hudgins