14 Year Anniversary Gifts for Men

by Christa Titus ; Updated September 28, 2017

Ivory is the traditional gift for 14th anniversaries; gold is the modern present. Look for a faux ivory gift or one that's ivory-colored instead of purchasing real ivory. After all, the material is often obtained by illegal and cruel poaching practices.

Chess Set

A chess set is a gift that will provide hours of entertainment between the two of you or for him to play with his friends.


Buying jewelry for your husband makes it easy to give a gift in gold. Pick a new ring, a necklace or an ID bracelet.


Give a humane gift by "adopting" an elephant for him through Defenders of Wildlife or another recognized animal charity. In doing so, the ivory can stay on the living animal where it belongs.

Card Holder

Pick out an elegant gold business card holder for him to display his cards on his work desk. Add his initials for a personalized touch.


Surprise him with a spruced-up bedroom by outfitting it in a set of ivory or gold sheets with pillow shams and a comforter to match.


Trick out the master bathroom with gold fixtures. If he's really into his car, get him gold rims and a license plate frame for his car. Get him gold-plated golf clubs and balls to match if he's a golfer.

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