Wrap Appetizers

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Wraps are a simple way to make party-pleasing appetizers, and with an unlimited combination of spreads, vegetables, meats, cheese and spices, the list of possibilities is nearly endless. Wraps are a good opportunity to have fun and exercise creativity in the kitchen. Because wraps are so forgiving, mistakes are unlikely.

Hot Wraps

Use refrigerated crescent dough to make a variety of hot wraps. Make the appetizers just prior to serving so they'll be fresh and hot. For example, pile the dough with meatballs and tomato sauce or a mixture of browned hamburger seasoned with ranch mix, chopped onion and pickle relish. Use phyllo dough to make more delicate appetizers such as phyllo wrapped around a slender asparagus spear, green onion or fresh green beans. For a different spin on wrap appetizers, roll filling such as cream cheese, a sausage link, spinach, shredded cheese and pasta sauce in a cooked lasagna noodle. A lasagna noodle also holds chopped crab meat or shrimp mixed with grated Parmesan cheese and spaghetti sauce.

Cold Wraps

Most cold wraps are easy to make the night before your party. Tortillas work well for cold wraps, as they are strong enough to hold sturdy fillings such as a chopped cucumber, shredded carrot and slices of red onions or crab meat and mango slices. Add flavor and increase the kid-friendly quotient of these wraps by spreading a thin layer of ranch dressing on the tortilla. Save time by wrapping a tortilla around a pre-made deli salad. Instead of a tortilla, you can add variety by wrapping simple fillings such as cream cheese and a dill pickle in pieces of thinly sliced deli turkey, pastrami or ham. For calorie-watchers, wrap fillings in a large lettuce leaf. If necessary, hold the wraps together with a toothpick.


Most wrap appetizers begin with a thin spread that adds flavor and holds the appetizer together without allowing the wrap to become soggy. For the simplest spreads, turn to your family's favorite creamy dressings. Spreadable cream cheese has a mild flavor that blends with just about anything. Allow the cream cheese to warm to room temperature to make spreading easier. Flavor the cream cheese by combining it with a packet of creamy salad dressing mix. You can also use spreads such as hummus, or mix mayonnaise or ranch mix with sour cream or Greek yogurt for cold wrap. Alternatively, try a bit of canned cream of celery or cream of chicken soup for hot wraps. For Southwestern-style wraps, guacamole or creamy chipotle dressing makes a flavorful spread.


The list of fillings for appetizer wraps is nearly endless. Combine vegetables such as asparagus spears or lightly cooked, chopped cauliflower or broccoli, sliced mushroom or green bell pepper wedges with cheeses like shredded cheddar or mozzarella, mild goat cheese or flavorful feta or Havarti. If you like, liven things up with a Jalapeno pepper, just be sure to have some less spicy options for the kids. Nearly any cooked meat works in a wrap, including meatballs, sausage or bacon, ham, ground beef or lamb or thinly sliced roast beef. Season your wrap appetizers with lemon or lime juice, garlic, ranch seasoning mix, dried red pepper flakes, chili powder, or a sprig of fresh cilantro, basil or thyme.