Ideas for Smoked Gouda Images

Smoked Gouda has a slightly sweet and versatile flavor that blends well with a variety of ingredients. Gouda, which has an edible rind, is a cow-milk cheese originating in the Netherlands. The cheese is smoked over hickory chips for that woodsy smoked Gouda taste. Smoking the cheese gives it a semi-hard rind, but the center of the cheese retains a softer texture. From gourmet breakfasts to kid-friendly dinner options, there are many ways to use smoked Gouda.

Brilliant Breakfasts

Smoked Gouda goes well with a variety of breakfast dishes, especially ones with eggs. Throw some shredded Gouda on scrambled eggs to give the dish a cheesy twist. Fold smoked Gouda, smoked sausage, red bell peppers, green bell peppers and onions into an omelet for a southwest breakfast with a smoky taste. Slide a fried egg and a Gouda slice between two English muffin slices for a quick breakfast that you can eat on the go. Top pancakes with crumbled bacon, shredded Gouda, diced apples and maple syrup for a gourmet breakfast with a savory touch.

Lovely Lunches

Even the simplest lunch can taste like a gourmet meal when you add some smoked Gouda. Toss shredded Gouda into a garden salad to give the dish a rich background flavor. Drizzle the salad with any salad dressing since the smoked cheese goes with everything from creamy ranch to raspberry vinaigrette. Layer a hoagie bun with smoked Gouda, red onion, tomato, lettuce, peppered turkey lunchmeat and spicy brown mustard to create a sandwich with a mix of sweet, spicy and smoky flavors. Mix diced honey ham, smoked Gouda, macaroni, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard and peas for a cold pasta salad with a little zip.

Divine Dinners

Smoked Gouda is just as versatile as any other cheese when it comes to making dinner. Bake a melted Gouda and milk mixture with macaroni noodles to create a kid-friendly meal with a refined flavor. Melt smoked Gouda slices over Italian-seasoned baked chicken to give the classic dish a gooey touch. Cook the cheese with chicken, bowtie noodles and cream of mushroom soup for a creamy casserole. Layer smoked Gouda, hickory bacon, tomato, onion and lettuce on a hamburger to give the traditional dish a strong woodsy flavor. Mix smoked Gouda, Italian breadcrumbs, broccoli, cauliflower and water chestnuts together for a vegetarian casserole with a complex, layered taste.

Delightful Desserts

Fruit and smoked Gouda are a natural pairing when it comes to light desserts. Wrap thin slices of the cheese around melon balls and secure with a toothpick for a juicy dessert with a mix of sweet and smoky tastes. Toss shredded Gouda, chopped red apples and chopped walnuts together for a dessert salad with a fall-themed flavor. Stuff hollowed-out strawberries with shredded smoked Gouda for a fancy-looking dessert with a sophisticated taste.