Good Sides to Go With a Rib Roast

grilled pork ribs


Nothing brings out the flavor of rib roast like the perfect side dish. With or without bones, the cut always comes from the rib section of the cow. A rib roast is a versatile main dish that pairs well with any side that blends with beef. From indulgent potatoes to healthy green beans, there are side dishes to suit any mood.

Pair Your Meat with Potatoes

Potatoes and roasts are a traditional match for good reason -- they taste good together. Mash potatoes with milk, butter, chives and sour cream for an indulgent side. Mix boiled new potatoes, red onion, celery, mayonnaise and spicy brown mustard to make a slightly sweet salad that brings out the sweet flavor in rib roast. Bake thick-cut potatoes with smoked salt and sweet paprika for home fries with a whisper of woodsy spice.

Or Try Pasta

There’s no end to the type of pasta sides you can pair with rib roast. Bake macaroni with milk, butter and cheddar cheese for a classic gooey dish. Toss bow tie pasta with tomatoes, onions, black olives, asparagus tips and vinaigrette dressing for a colorful pasta salad with a refined flavor. Stuff large shell noodles with ricotta and top with tomato sauce to make an Italian-style side.

Rice Can Be Nice

Whether white or wild, rice complements a rib roast. Simmer white rice with lemon zest and ginger powder for a slightly spicy side dish. Toss brown rice with walnuts and raisins for fall-style flavor. Combine wild rice, white rice, parsley, basil and green onion to make an herbal side with a nutty background taste.

Go Green

Green beans are so versatile that they can be turned into a mountain's worth of side dishes. Mix fresh green beans, red onions, celery and light Italian vinaigrette to create a healthy salad with crunch. Combine steamed green beans, garlic butter, Parmesan cheese and almonds for a sophisticated side. Toss French-cut green beans with fried onion strings and cheddar cheese for a rib roast side with a hint of tang.

Break Bread

Bread doesn’t have to be a boring side dish for rib roast, as long as you know how to spice it up. Mix cornbread with sliced jalapenos, or smear thick-cut toast with garlic butter and top with mozzarella cheese. Serve sweet Hawaiian rolls that you can use to sop up the roast juices.

Crunchy Carrots

Add some crunch to your rib roast with a carrot-based side dish. Mix shredded carrots with shredded cabbage and ranch dressing for a creamy and crisp dish. Drizzle honey over baby carrots and lightly bake to make a slightly crunchy and sweet dish. Toss sliced carrots, mixed greens, mushrooms and thousand island dressing for a bright salad with zip.