Menu for Pork Loin Roast

by Carlye Jones
A fruit-based side dish, such as spiced applesauce, goes well with pork roast.

A fruit-based side dish, such as spiced applesauce, goes well with pork roast.

As a white meat, pork loin roast is filling without being heavy or greasy. It can be served equally well with rich side dishes that help fill the meal out, or with lighter foods that extend and enhance the theme. Its mild flavor also appeals to picky kids and goes with a wide variety of foods, leaving the options for a pork loin roast menu wide open.


The mild flavor of pork makes fruit a perfect partner. Apples and pears, especially baked, are traditional side dishes. Applesauce, plain or spiced, as well as cranberry sauce also goes well with pork. Other fruits that also complement pork loin roast include mango, peaches, apricots or pineapple. Fruit sauces are a good way to add fruit flavor to pork without an extra side dish. Blackberry, nectarine, plum, lemon and raspberry sauces all impart the sweetness of the fruit when spread and baked on pork roast.


Pork loin roast falls easily into the meat-and-potatoes category. Potatoes are filling and bring out the flavor of the meat. Baked or mashed potatoes with gravy are simple traditional choices. For variety, slice and grill the potatoes, serve potatoes au gratin, or bake diced potatoes with spices such as rosemary or thyme or a packet of dry dill dip mix. Twice-baked, Parmesan-scalloped, garlic-mashed or lemon-baked potatoes also go well with pork loin, and are standouts from the ordinary.


Vegetables add color, variety and important vitamins to a pork loin roast menu. Serve vegetables either as a salad or as a side dish. Vegetable salads that complement pork include bell pepper, cucumber, broccoli or beet salad. Crispy green salads tossed with a creamy dressing also work well. Serve asparagus, steamed carrots, stuffed tomatoes, baked squash or yams as a side dish. Vegetable casseroles, such as green bean casserole or eggplant with cheese, also go well with pork.


Since pork loin roast is not as heavy or filling as some other meats, it pairs well with a rich dessert. Select crème brûlée, bread pudding, layered cake, chocolate mousse, tiramisu or blueberry cobbler. For a lighter dessert, serve sorbet, cookies, lemon cake, angel food cake topped with strawberries, or gelato. Fresh fruit, a fruit salad tossed in creamy dressing, baked apples or pears, or a fruit torte are also good light desserts that make a satisfying finish to a pork loin roast menu.

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