Lobster Menu Ideas

by Carlye Jones
A traditional Maine lobster dinner includes steamed clams and grilled corn.

A traditional Maine lobster dinner includes steamed clams and grilled corn.

Lobster is great for a family celebration, a special romantic dinner or even just a change from the ordinary. Because it is usually reserved for a special meal, the dishes served with lobster are usually a little extra-special too. They don't have to be fancy or complicated, however, since the mild flavor of lobster pairs well with just about any food that isn't spicy or pungent.


A whole lobster makes a fun and delicious dinner, but can be messy. Split lobster tails with butter are less messy, making them more appropriate for formal dinners. Other options for serving lobster include tails poached in butter, tomatoes stuffed with lobster, lobster Newburg, grilled lobster and lobster wrapped in pastry. Lobster bisque also makes a filling main dish.

Soup and Salad

Soup and salad can be served as an appetizer or as part of the meal. Soups that taste delicious with lobster include butternut squash soup, corn chowder and gazpacho. Salads that pair well with lobster are seafood, tossed, avocado, cucumber or a simple green salad tossed with creamy dressing. Tomato salads, such as a caprese salad also complement lobster.


Corn on the cob, boiled or grilled, is commonly served with lobster. The fresh, sweet flavor of the corn blends nicely with the rich flavor of lobster. Other vegetables also work well with lobster, however, including green beans with lemon butter, baked potatoes with Parmesan cheese, steamed snow peas and carrots, black beans, asparagus and boiled new potatoes.

Other Sides

Scallops are often served alongside lobster, and shrimp cocktail as an appetizer, but there are many other side dishes that pair well with lobster. Consider avocado bruschetta, Parmesan baskets, cucumber shrimp appetizers, fruit satay, risotto or wild rice. Choose side dishes with mild seasoning so they don't overpower the flavor of the lobster.


Although lobster is rich, it can still be successfully paired with a rich dessert. On the other hand, light desserts can keep the meal from being too heavy. Excellent desserts to serve with lobster include chocolate sponge cake topped with ganache, almond cakes served with fresh fruit, panna cotta, tiramisu or blackberry tarts. Keep dessert simple by serving sherbet topped with a few berries.

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