Menu Ideas Containing Lamb Chops

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Bright Flavors and Colors

Rich, succulent lamb chops make any dinner a special treat. Whether you choose traditional side dishes and preparations or update the classics with modern sides, balance the richness of the lamb with bright flavors. Flavorful lamb chops stand up easily to tangy glazes, pungent herbs and fresh vegetables. Go upscale with roasted lamb chops or throw them on the grill for a casual but delicious meal.

Rosemary Lamb Chops

Lamb chops baked or grilled with rosemary are a classic. Add either garlic or pepper to balance out the flavor of the rosemary. Serve them with a salad of either mixed spring greens or arugula and mint topped with creamy dressing. Side dishes that pair well with rosemary lamb chops include olive or sourdough bread, saffron risotto, couscous or roasted new potatoes. Great desserts to complement rosemary lamb chops include apple tarts, creme brulee or fruit sorbet.

Roasted Lamb Chops

Lamb chops stay juicy and flavorful when roasted with a tangy glaze such as mustard, cider or honey. Soups and salads that go with glazed lamb chops include gazpacho, creamy corn soup, spinach salad, Greek salad or Mediterranean salad with creamy dressing. Serve asparagus, orzo seasoned with dry dressing and dip mix, potatoes au gratin, Swiss chard or roasted tomatoes on the side. Delicious desserts to round out the menu include chocolate praline semifreddo, lemon tart or chocolate mousse.

Grilled Lamb Chops

You can top grilled lamb chops with anything from gourmet sauces and salsas to simple seasonings. You can also grill the chops right alongside several side dishes like portobello mushrooms, asparagus or zucchini squash. Grilled fresh pineapple makes a perfect side for your chops. Other great side dishes for this meal include corn salad, wild rice, mashed potatoes with garlic, or steamed green beans quickly tossed in bottled creamy onion dressing. Try tiramisu, papaya with yogurt, chocolate covered strawberries or custard with caramel for dessert.

Mint Lamb Chops

A popular and classic dish, mint lamb chops impart a rich, satisfying flavor. Since they are so rich and filling, simple but elegant side dishes complement them best. Buy a Caesar salad kit complete with croutons and dressing for a quick and easy side, or serve Parmesan flatbread, rice pilaf or caramelized shallots. A side of fresh fruit, such as mixed berries, also complements mint lamb chops. Serve poached or brandied pears, chocolate and macadamia tart, or Bavarian cream parfait for dessert.