What Is a Good Side Dish to Serve With Stuffed Cabbage?

by Tremaine Jackson
A creamy hollandaise sauce might work well with the dish.

A creamy hollandaise sauce might work well with the dish.

Stuffed cabbage goes with almost any side dish: rice, mixed vegetables, a light pasta salad or lentil loaf. The best side dishes complement the ingredients in your stuffed cabbage, as well as the sauce with which you dress the cabbage rolls -- savory or sweet and sour, peppery hot, or mild and creamy.

Side Dishes for Stuffed Cabbage

With fish-, meat- or bean-stuffed cabbage dishes, serve grains or both starchy and green vegetables, like roasted baby Yukon gold potatoes, wild rice, turnip greens, Swiss chard, quinoa or couscous. If you stuff your cabbage with a starchy grain alone or mixed with meat or fish, serve a green vegetable and legumes on the side. For example, pair meat- and sausage-stuffed cabbage with potatoes; top with a savory tomato sauce or a white butter sauce. Or pair salmon and wild rice cabbage rolls with kale, spinach or edamame; serve with an herb dipping sauce for the edamame or with a hollandaise for the entire dish.

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