What Goes With Cream-Style Corn?

by Maxine Wallace
Use the back of your knife to "milk" the cob of its juice for creamed corn.

Use the back of your knife to "milk" the cob of its juice for creamed corn.

Whether you open up a can of creamed corn or cut the kernels from the cobs yourself, there is something magical about this side dish that lingers along the fine line of a soup and sauce. Season it right and its warm, creamy goodness will pair with a number of dishes to create a comforting meal for a cool night.

Creamed Corn and Beef

Beef is one of the classic pairings to serve alongside creamed corn. Whether you're making grilled or broiled steaks or meatloaf, creamed corn's saucy texture complements the simple seasonings and juicy tenderness of many cuts of beef. Pair chili-spiced creamed corn with a simply seasoned steak and you need little more for a complete meal. Serve creamed corn with meatloaf and skip the other starchy sides in favor of this fresh and simple combination.

Creamed Corn and Chicken

Creamed corn is a staple at the Southern table with the other decadent favorite, fried chicken. Skip the gravy and serve creamed corn with fried chicken to enjoy its pairing with the crunchy breading and juicy meat of fried chicken. Serve creamed corn with any mild-flavored chicken dish that will not overwhelm the delicate flavor of creamed corn such as baked, grilled and pan-fried chicken dishes. With its hearty and filling qualities, creamed corn can stand alone with many chicken dishes.

Creamed Corn and Potatoes

Starch on starch seems like too much, but there is something about this combination that is so homey and comforting all at once. A common pair with mashed potatoes, the creamy consistency of both items makes them irresistible when served together either mixed as one or separately. Pan-fried potatoes, baked potatoes and scalloped potatoes all combine so perfectly with the saucy creamed corn that there is little need for much more to complete a meal.

Creamed Corn and Shrimp

Shrimp and creamed corn are another Southern classic combination that cannot be overlooked. Combine lightly seasoned shrimp with creamed corn and a slice of cornbread for a full-flavored and filling meal. Create a quick spicy shrimp saute and enjoy the punch of a chili's heat balanced with a mellow, lightly seasoned creamed corn. Enjoy grilled shrimp, pan-fried shrimp or deep-fried shrimp with creamed corn and experience this sweet, bright and flavorful combination for yourself.

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