Dinner Ideas With Chicken & Cream of Mushroom

by Aya Pauli

You can make a whole dinner using just chicken and cream of mushroom, but that doesn’t mean you should, especially when there are so many other ingredients that pair well with the poultry and soup. Chicken and cream of mushroom soup are classic dinner staples for good reason: both are versatile. From pastas to sandwiches, enough ways to use the ingredients exist that you could eat them every night for weeks without repeating the same dish.

Perfect Pasta

Add any type of Italian noodle to chicken and cream of mushroom to turn a simple dish into a creamy pasta feast. Simmer chicken with the creamy soup and serve over fettuccine noodles with a Parmesan cheese garnish for a dish that tastes a little like fettuccine Alfredo, yet earthier. Bake a mixture of shredded chicken, cream of mushroom, cooked macaroni noodles and Swiss cheese to make a macaroni and cheese dinner with a sophisticated twist. For a creamy twist on classic spaghetti, simmer a mixture of cubed chicken, cream of mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes and Italian herbs, and serve over cooked spaghetti noodles.

Rich Rice

Rice may taste plain when served alone, but it provides an appealing background flavor when paired with chicken and cream of mushroom. Toss steamed chicken pieces, cream of mushroom soup and white rice together for a simple, yet satisfying, dinner. Simmer wild rice in cream of mushroom soup and serve under garlic-seared chicken breasts to make a filling dish with a hint of nutty flavor. Saute chicken medallions with Portobello mushroom slices, serve over brown rice and drizzle with cream of mushroom for a creamy mushroom-lover’s dinner.

Bountiful Bread

Bread can heighten your experience as you eat chicken and cream of mushroom soup dishes. Place thinly sliced fried chicken breasts over biscuits and drizzle with cream of mushroom soup for a rich dinner or breakfast. Simmer boiled potato chunks, diced chicken, fresh parsley and cream of mushroom soup together to make chowder. Serve the chowder in a sourdough bread bowl for a restaurant-style touch. Mix shredded chicken, diced celery, diced onion, mayonnaise and cream of mushroom soup to create a crunchy chicken salad that works well heaped on white or wheat bread.

Very Vegetable

You don’t have to load up on starches to create a meal with chicken and cream of mushroom soup, especially if you have some fresh vegetables handy. Combine lemon-poached chicken, cream of mushroom and wilted spinach for a vitamin-packed dinner with a hint of tang. Saute diced chicken, zucchini, baby squash and button mushrooms together, then simmer with cream of mushroom for a colorful and hearty soup. Bake red bell peppers stuffed with shredded chicken, cream of mushroom, green onion, cheddar cheese and yellow bell peppers to make creamy stuffed peppers.

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