Different Styles of Sandwich Decoration

Sandwich image by Yvonne Bogdanski from Fotolia.com

If you are hosting a birthday party, reception or other special event on a budget, serve dressed-up sandwiches as main courses, snacks or appetizers. Transform a basic white bread sandwich with creative touches, interesting shapes and colorful toppings. Offer the decorative sandwiches on ornate silver or gold trays as an elegant presentation.

Shapely Sandwiches

Transform boring ham and cheese or tuna salad sandwiches into appetizing snacks using cookie cutters. Make the sandwiches using soft white or wheat bread and place them on a flat surface, such as a cutting board or plate. Press large cookie cutters into the sandwiches to create whimsical shapes such as hearts, stars, fish, flowers or Christmas trees. Create sandwich shapes to reflect holiday or birthday themes, such as seashells or starfish for a beach-themed bash, or bunny rabbits and eggs for an Easter party. Present the shapely sandwiches on a decorative tray or an elegant cake stand.

Fancy Finger Food

If you are hosting a charming tea party or summer garden soiree, whip up decorative sandwiches as fancy finger food options. Guests can munch on the mini sandwiches while sipping hot tea or ice cold lemonade. Make delicate pinwheel-shaped sandwiches using crustless pieces of white or wheat bread and creamy fillings such as ham, tuna or egg salad. For a touch of whimsy, cut cucumber and cream cheese or pimiento spread sandwiches into triangular or square bite-size pieces. For a artistic look, make elegant sandwiches using one piece of white and one piece of wheat bread. Serve the finger sandwiches on dainty floral-patterned porcelain plates or trays.

Inspired Sandwich Creations

Turn sandwiches into inspired decor pieces using food and a few craft items. Playfully decorated sandwiches are ideal for serving during birthday parties for children. Using vegetables in creative ways will encourage kids to eat healthy. Make kid-friendly sandwiches, such as grilled cheese, and enhance them with face designs. Slip toothpicks through olives and stick them into the bread as eyes, a piece of pickle as a nose and a ribbon of ketchup as a smiling face. As a healthier alternative, create vegetable and cheese sandwiches and use halved cherry tomatoes as eyes, a piece of carrot as a nose and a red pepper slice as a mouth. Sprinkle shredded lettuce at the top of the sandwiches to resemble hair.