How to Make a Subway Sandwich

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Don't get into a sub rut; they're versatile enough to be eaten every day for lunch as well as to make a quick and easy meal for a crowd. According to What's Cooking America, Americans have been devouring submarine sandwiches since the early 1900s. Continuing the trend is mostly a matter of stocking up on and assembling a variety of fresh ingredients.

Slicing the Bread

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Start by selecting the bread: Options include wheat, honey oat, Italian, Italian herb-and-cheese and flatbread. Place a piece of wax paper under your bread of choice to provide a clean work surface. With a serrated knife, slice the bread into two halves. For a clean, even slice, place one hand on top of the bread as you use the other hand to slice it.

Adding Meat and Cheese

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Layer the meat slices on top, as much as you like, in whatever combination you prefer: ham, turkey, roast beef, salami, bologna and/or chicken. Layer the cheese on top of the meat, either grated or in slices. Cheese choices include cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss, provolone, pepper jack, American or Monterey Jack, or a combination of any of them. If you like your subway toasted, place the bread open-faced underneath the broiler for a few minutes, until the cheese melts.

Layering the Vegetables

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Layer any vegetables you like on top of the cheese: lettuce, either chopped or layered, leaf by leaf; sliced peppers, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, olives and/or pickles. To slice a bell pepper, slice off the top and remove the core, including the seeds. Using either a chef's knife or a mandolin, slice the pepper into thin circles. Cut off both ends of a red onion and remove the skin; then cut the onion in half to slice it thinly. To chop lettuce, roll the leaves into a cigar shape and use a chef's knife to cut the roll into thin strips.

Choosing the Condiments

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Spread the top piece of bread with the desired combination of condiments: mayonnaise; mustard; ranch dressing; olive oil and vinegar, such as white or red wine vinegar; apple cider vinegar or lemon juice; Italian dressing; Caesar salad dressing; and barbecue sauce or tzatziki cucumber sauce. Tzatziki sauce is made by combining Greek yogurt, salt, minced cucumber, minced garlic, lemon juice and fresh dill. Spoon condiments onto the top piece of bread and spread them with the back of the spoon.

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