What Type of Necklace Should I Wear With a V-Neck?

Choosing jewelry can be a pain in the neck, but with a few simple rules, anyone can get the right look. A dainty necklace can disappear when paired with a heavy v-neck sweater, and a multi-stone necklace with a t-shirt would be overwhelming. Find a balance.

Pearls and Glass Beads

A v-neck sweater, a dressy blouse or shirtdress all look great with pearls or colorful glass beads. Find a necklace that stays above the v-neck to keep all eyes up on the face. Long, draping strands of pearls or beads will pull down the viewer's gaze, so avoid them.

Delicate Jewelry

Satin, chiffon and silk blouses or dresses with v-necks look terrific with a delicate, single-stone necklace. A pearl drop necklace or crystal is stunning when kept above the v-neck.

Heavy, Chunky Necklaces

A chunky, multi-stone necklace looks best when it hugs the neck and stays above the v-neck of clothing. Avoid prints and large necklaces that both vie for attention by keeping the clothing simple. Try a tribal look with turquoise and silver or a heavy chain with a large single stone for impact.