What to Wear to a Rock Concert

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If you are going to a rock concert, there are two things that you'll need to take into consideration: fashion and function. While you want to look like you belong, you'll also need to worry about how hot the venue is and the number of people in attendance. Choose an outfit that is both cool (in every sense of the word) and comfortable.


Alexa Smahl/Demand Media

Girls have a variety of rock-concert clothes to choose from--among them the classic skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are fashion forward and look at home at a rock show, especially when teamed up with rock accessories. Wear your skinny jeans with a plain white tee, and a biker-inspired leather jacket. A shrunken, cropped vest over a white tee is also a rock-inspired choice. Wear stacked heels or, if you're planning on being on your feet all night, studded flats.


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Guys can head to a rock concert looking like a rock star with the right clothing. Baggy jeans or European-cut slacks are a good choice. A leather jacket is standard at a rock concert, but you could opt for a band t-shirt instead if you're worried about getting too hot. Choose classic Converse sneakers to go with your baggy jeans, or Italian boots to complement your slacks. Look your best at a rock concert, because you never know whom you might run into while you're there.


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Both guys and girls can use accessories to spice up a rock concert outfit. Girls can wear a summer scarf, big earrings and chunky jewelry. If it's going to be a crowded venue, put your hair up in a rocker girl ponytail to keep it from getting sweaty or getting in your eyes. Instead of a shoulder bag, use a wristlet so that you can keep your cash and I.D. close at hand. Guys can also rock a summer scarf, or try a fedora. Instead of just putting your wallet in your pocket, attach it to a chain that you run from one of your belt loops to your pocket. Not only does it look good, but it keeps your cash safe.

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