What to Wear to a Las Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations for couples who want an exuberant and less-traditional wedding celebration. From the Little White Wedding Chapel to Elvis and the Rat Pack, Las Vegas has a theme to turn any couple's wedding into the party of a lifetime. However, the fusion between wedding and party can sometimes leave guests questioning what to wear. Wedding theme, venue and the time of year all play a major role in how guests should dress for a Las Vegas wedding.

Going to the Chapel

Since themes are such a big part of Las Vegas weddings, it also plays a large role in guest attire. Wedding chapels are the most popular wedding theme and venue in Las Vegas, and generally have a retro feel. For a throwback '50s- or '60s-style wedding, it never hurts to dress the part. Vintage attire is always acceptable, with knee- or tea-length circle skirts for ladies. Male guests can add vintage appeal with a double-breasted dinner jacket and accessories like suspenders. Some couples take advantage of the many Elvis impersonators in Vegas by throwing an Elvis-themed wedding. Such guests can follow the same retro guidelines, and add signature accessories such as Elvis-style sunglasses or leather jackets.

Sizzling Summer Heat

Las Vegas's desert climate can pose challenges for guests dressing for a day-to-night celebration. Summer brings hot days that can easily top 110 degrees, yet are still able to dip below 70 at night. For daytime summer weddings, ladies can opt for a strapless dress and guys can forgo a blazer for a lightweight dress shirt. If the wedding starts early and is expected to continue into the night, have a light jacket or sweater on hand.

Winter Desert Days

Keeping a coat on hand is essential for late fall or winter weddings in Las Vegas. Daytime winter temperatures are more comfortable at 60 to 70 degrees, making dressing easier. This warmth quickly fades with the sun, as temperatures can drop to near freezing at night. A full suit for guys is the best way to go, since the jacket can be removed during the day. Nice pants or a dress with tights and a coat for ladies are essential to party all night at a Las Vegas winter wedding.

Indoors and Out

Since outdoor temperatures in Las Vegas are some of the highest in the U.S., air-conditioning systems are constantly pouring chilly air into every indoor space. For wedding guests transitioning between indoor and outdoor spaces, layering is key. The foundation of a female guest's ensemble at a traditional evening ceremony should be a knee-length dress with an optional sweater or jacket. Male guests should come dressed in a two-piece suit with the option to remove their blazer or dinner jacket.

Fun and Fancy Free

Most couples choose Las Vegas for their destination wedding to set the tone of the event. While loud clothing would not typically be appropriate for a more common hotel or garden wedding, it is encouraged in Las Vegas. Bright colors, sequined dresses, and bold suits fit the bill for guest attire. Comfortable shoes are a must when guests are expected to dance the night way or take a walk down the strip. Male guests should choose dress shoes or loafers that can be worn all day or night, and a pair of colorful flats or wedge heels work great for ladies.