What Is a Hipster Wallet?

Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Tim Boyd

Hipster wallets are much more than a trend. A hipster wallet is an accessory that is useful for the high-paced business world, as well as everyday use. They are both easy to access and easy to carry.

Standard Design

A standard hipster wallet is a bi-fold wallet designed to hold several credit cards and cash. It is not intended to hold anything but the basic necessities, so keep that in mind before purchasing a hipster-styled wallet.


Both synthetic and leather materials are used to make hipster wallets. Synthetic and leather wallets are available in a variety of colors and stitch patterns.

Carrying a Hipster

Hipster wallets fit well into either the front or back pocket of a pair of pants, as well as into the breast pocket of a suit jacket. They are designed to be slim and square, so that they easily fit into the pocket.

For Men and Women

Many hipster wallets are made for both men and women by many well-known designers. They can be found on several reputable websites as well as at department stores.

The Price

The price you will pay for a hipster wallet depends on the place it is purchased, the designer and the material from which it is made.