Wedding Gifts for the Bride From a Sister

A bond between sisters cannot be easily replicated. Unconditional love and laughter fuses sisters for life, regardless of distance and age. When one sister gets married and begins a new life, the sister will want to give her something that is sentimental and thoughtful. Whereas brothers can purchase gadgets and gag gifts, a sister's gift for the bride must come from the heart.


Creating or purchasing a piece of jewelry symbolic of your bond as sisters is a great gift for a blushing bride. While the piece of jewelry may not be worn the day of the wedding, it will be treasured and worn for years to come.

A ring that features the birth stones of the two sisters combines the beauty of sibling love and jewels. Set in either white gold, yellow gold, platinum or sterling silver, this duel jeweled ring will be a beautiful declaration of your sisterly love.

A similar jewelry design involving the birth stones of each sister could be created as a necklace or bracelet. For the necklace, the stones could be set in a two stone, drop-down design or coupled together with multiple stones of each birth month to create a cluster or inspiring design. For a bracelet, birth stones can be alternated to create an eye-catching piece for the wrist.

Include an inscription on the underside of the jewelry to further personalize the gift from sister to bride. Include an inside joke, a wish for your sister's happiness or your initials.

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

Though the bride will have thousands of pictures to review after the wedding, the sister of the bride could frame a picture of them as young girls as a treasured keepsake. Find an old or antique looking frame and install a picture of a childhood memory both siblings enjoy.

If the sister would prefer a more recent picture to frame for her bride-to-be sister, pick a photo from a family vacation, night on the town or reunion.

Blow up the photo to at least a 5x7 so it will be noticed on a bureau or hung on a bedroom wall. Every time the bride looks at the picture, she will smile over her sister's thoughtfulness and their fun times together.

Artistic Expression

A piece of artwork for the bride's new home is also an excellent gift for a sister to give. Since sisters often know each other's likes and dislikes better than a friend or distant aunt, a framed painting or drawing is an exquisite way to showcase the strength of the sister's bond.

With so many different types of drawings and paintings to choose from, the sister can purchase a piece about love and marriage or something about family. More abstract concepts are also a great purchase and can really accentuate the colors or style incorporated into the new bride's home--something a sister will know and understand!