Ways to Show Your Long Distance Boyfriend Love & Appreciation

Kraig Scarbinsky/Photodisc/Getty Images

Long-distance relationships are hard, but increasing numbers of Gen Yers are deciding to continue dating long-distance while focusing on careers in separate cities, says Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D., writing for Psych Central. Distance, of course, makes it harder to show love and appreciation. The relationship can succeed as long as both partners work hard at it, so make an extra effort to show him you love him.

Send a Care Package

Sending an impromptu package is a wonderful way to show him that he’s loved. Send him a surprise box filled with his favorite snacks, a book or DVD he would like, and photos of the two of you together. Sending him a framed photograph is especially nice, since he might not have one of you, and he can put it on his desk at work. Dr. Hartwell-Walker notes that people in successful long-distance relationships make the commitment known to their friends and co-workers by displaying photos and talking about their significant others.

Plan a Vacation

You probably take turns visiting each other, but it can be especially romantic to plan a vacation just for the two of you, somewhere you’ve never been. Taking a trip allows you to put boundaries on your work and romantic lives, so that the two don’t overlap. It’s healthiest to focus on work when you’re apart and each other when you’re together, says Dr. Hartwell-Walker. What better way to focus just on him than spending a week together at a resort?

Video Chat

You can text, talk on the phone, email and even write letters for true romance. But video chat gives you the next best thing to physical intimacy, and that’s what your guy might appreciate the most. Schedule video chat dates and make time to look extra good for him. You can make the chat as intimate or as casual as you want.

Share Social Networks

One of the most important ways to show your boyfriend that you love and appreciate him is to keep up with his social networks, says Suzanne Phillips, PsyD., writing for PBS’ “This Emotional Life." You should socialize with each other's friends as much as possible, and keep each other updated on what’s happening in your own social lives. Not only will your communities in both cities view you as part of a couple, but you will have more to talk about if you know the same people. Introduce him to your friends when he visits. He’ll feel appreciated because he’s part of your life.