Things to Do for Your Wife on Her Birthday

by Lauralee Moss

Husbands can do many things for their wives' birthdays. Simply picking up the house or providing her with a day or relaxation are wonderful gifts, as are standard gifts, such as giving a relaxing massage or making dinner. No matter the plans, a husband will give his wife a wonderful birthday gift with his thoughtful planning.


Surprising your wife on her birthday will please her. Show up at her job to take her to lunch. Have her wedding bouquet recreated, deliver it to her and tell her you would marry her all over again.

Note in the months leading up to your wife's birthday if she hints at a coveted pair of shoes, jeans or sweater. She will be flattered you remember her mentioning it. Jewelry of any sorts is a staple as a birthday surprise, and wives adore it. Perhaps place it in an ordinary or oversized box to mislead her.

Bring in a friend that your wife rarely gets to see. Plan a spa day for your wife and her friend, and then make reservations for dinner. Give the friend your credit card or gift cards in advance for the special day.

Helpful Tasks

Many times, a wife asks her husband to help with small tasks around the house. A wonderful birthday present is to ask your wife for her "honey-do" list and start working. Keep complaints to a minimum while working.

If you do not want to ask for a list, think of standard tasks she will appreciate not having to do. Take her car in for an oil change and tire rotation. Vacuum and clean it. If your wife grumbles about sweeping and vacuuming, clean all the floors in your house.

Personal Time

Too often, spouses become busied with daily activities and stresses. Forget the bills and household responsibilities on your wife's birthday. Take her out to her favorite restaurant, and plan a romantic walk afterward. Talk and listen as if it was your first date. If you adore cooking together, plan a meal and buy the ingredients ahead of time. Allow your wife to relax with a nice drink while you dice and saute. (Naturally, clean the kitchen as well). Celebrations.com suggests closing the evening with dimmed lights, chocolate-covered strawberries and a slow dance.

If you have children together, hire a babysitter and take your wife out for a date. Take her to a restaurant that you no longer visit now that you have children. Your effort toward her birthday is what she will notice and love you for.

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