Teenage Girl Birthday Party Ideas

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One of the most important aspects of a teenage girl's birthday is being able to invite her friends and have an impressive birthday party. However, planning a party for a teenage girl can seem daunting, particularly when trying to keep up with constantly changing trends.


Teenagers seem to love music. Ask your teenage daughter for a list of her favorite music and then the two of you can sit down together and discuss music appropriate for a birthday party. If she'll allow you to "DJ" her party, you can then supervise as well. Suggest a dancing game for your teenager and her guests in order to liven up the party.


If your teenage daughter happens to have a birthday in the summer, you can design a pool party theme complete with greasy burgers and soda pop, which all teens love. Suggestions from Celebrationwithstyle.com include going to a beauty salon where the girls can get manicures or having them wear dress up clothes and renting a limo to pick them up for a grown-up evening of fun.

Color Schemes

According to Celebrationwithstyle.com, glowing accessories are always popular with teens. Consider purchasing glowing necklaces and bracelets in various colors of pink, purple and orange for your teenage daughter and her birthday guests. You should also consider using pink, purple and orange as color schemes for her party in various patterns such as striped and polka-dotted table cloths and decorations.

The Cake

Teen girls love fashion and jewelry. Provide them with a fancy evening complete with a decked out birthday cake. According to Birthday-ideas.com, the cake itself can be shaped to provide a diamond feel, or the decoration of the cake can mimic diamonds and other precious gems. This will also let her know that she is the most precious gem on her special day.


Talk to your teenage daughter about her birthday party guest list. Teenage girls do not like their parents hovering around during their party. However, if teenage boys are going to be attending, you should compromise with your daughter about the rules of supervision, allowing you to check on the guests throughout the party but perhaps allowing her and a few of her girlfriends to have a slumber party by themselves later on.


Last, but not least, consider a location for your teenage daughter's birthday party. You can choose to throw a traditional party in your home, or you can discuss with your daughter the possibility of having her party at a fancy restaurant of her choice, a bowling alley, the arcade or even a rented dance hall. Any of these location choices would be popular among teenage girls and would provide an unforgettable birthday party.