How to Prepare for Masquerade Party for Teens

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Masquerade parties give teens the opportunity to celebrate at a party without being completely sure about who the other guests are. The mystery of dancing and socializing with people whom you think you know who they are but aren't sure adds a little excitement and anticipation at the party. At the end of the party, your guests will frequently find out their guesses were correct, but a surprise is always possible.

Choose your theme. A masquerade party can be a formal and elegant evening or a casual get-together. The theme will help determine how your guests dress.

Set a dress code for the party. If it is elegant, you might want to specify dresses similar to prom or homecoming dressing for the females and tuxedos or sports jackets and collared shirts with dress pants for the males. State what you consider to be too revealing and not permitted at the party.

Select your location. A masquerade party for teens can be held at your home or a meeting hall such as a country club banquet room or youth activity center.

Select the food that you will serve at the masquerade party. Offer a variety of foods such as finger foods and appetizers. This will allow your guests to socialize while enjoying the food.

Choose your music for the party. Offer an area to dance with music played for the teenagers on an audio system or by a disc jockey or a live band .

Direct the guests to create their own masquerade masks that hide their eyes and nose before attending or provide masks to the guests as they arrive.

Choose games to play during the masquerade party. One possibility is giving each guest a number and a sheet of paper with the numbers of all the other guests. Set a time limit for the guests to try to guess the name of each guest.

Designate a time for everyone to remove their masks. Part of the fun of the masquerade party is trying to determine who the other guests are without seeing their faces. At a pre-determined time of the night, each guest removes her masquerade mask. Guests then get to see if they were correct in their thoughts of who each of the guests were.