Sweet Romantic Ideas for My Man

by Rosenya Faith

Whether for his birthday, your anniversary, or a simple celebration of him, surprise your man with a romantic offering that will convey your appreciation and your love. While you can splurge if your savings account allows it, you don't have to drain the account to demonstrate how much you care. Draw from your creativity for an idea that will keep your relationship sparking.

His Perfect Evening

If you and your man don’t often agree on the best way to spend a Friday night, the best film to watch or what meal to make for dinner, there are probably a whole lot of things on his favorites list that aren’t topping your charts. Show him just how much you value your differences by indulging in a few of his top picks. You can purchase tickets to attend a baseball game or pick up his favorite drink and snacks and then cheer on his favorite football team on TV. Instead of a date at an upscale restaurant, plan an evening at a local sports bar or casual diner, or, if he’s the adventurous type, plan a daring afternoon of mountain hiking, white water rafting or surfing.

Handcrafted Gifts

Take the time to make something sweet and special for your man. You can make your handyman a pegboard to organize all of his tools or sew a remote caddy for your armchair sportsman so he'll never miss another game. You can personalize a piece of clothing or a bathrobe with a hand-embroidered monogram or photo transfer, or create a scrapbook for your man filled with pictures and memorabilia from all your special times together. Transfer a special picture onto wood to make a piece of rustic wall art. Just cover the wood with polyvinyl acetate, lay the picture face down and then smooth the picture out. Wet the picture when it has dried and rub off the photo paper. The image will remain on the wood.

Services and Favors

Whether it’s your man’s birthday or just an ordinary day, surprise him with a coupon book full of small, romantic favors he can redeem when he would like. You can include favors such as back rubs, breakfast in bed, wine in front of the fireplace and a shower for the two of you. Be brave and leave a coupon or two blank for him to fill in on his own. Alternatively, surprise your man when he gets home from work with dinner by candlelight, a bubble bath for two or a massage in a darkened room filled with the scent of aromatherapy candles. You can leave little love messages filled with all the reasons you’re thrilled he’s in your life. Post the notes on the bathroom mirror, tuck them in with his lunch and hide one or two in the pockets of his clothing for your man to find throughout the day.


Plan a getaway for you and your man for some private time and romance. You can book a suite at a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast for a single evening out, or rent a cabin in the woods for an extended stay where you won’t be disturbed for days. If your man needs a little rest and relaxation, book a spa resort or perhaps a short cruise. Romance your man by taking him to a sentimental place; you can return to the place he loved most as a kid, visit a destination he’s dreamed about since childhood or relive your honeymoon with a week in the exact same hotel room.


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