Sweet Crafts to Make for Your Girlfriend

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Make a sweet craft for your girlfriend to celebrate a special occasion, such as her birthday or your anniversary, or just to say "I love you." A homemade craft will likely mean more to her than traditional store-bought gifts since the item will be a labor of your love. Choose a craft you feel comfortable with and make her something she can use. (For example, sweet edible treats aren't a good idea if your girlfriend is on a diet.)

Using Paper

Tap into your creative side and make something out of paper products. Writer her a poem, heart-felt love letter, or a song if you're musically inclined. Draw or paint a picture if you're more artistic. Decorate the paper with hearts or stickers, or use scrapbook paper with a pattern she will enjoy. Put together a calendar or collage with images of her favorite things, such as her beloved pet poodle or pictures of the two of you together. Use a different picture of the two of you for each month that was taken during the same month the previous year. Make a card or coupon book with things she can redeem, such as a movie date, foot massage or a kiss.


Create a personal item you can use together or something she can enjoy when she's alone. Decorate candlesticks with glittery designs or make your own candles. Gel candles can include small charms, such as foil heart confetti, while also making use of her favorite scent. Create an entire spa treatment gift basket with homemade candles and soaps. Decorate a satin sleep mask with fabric markers, decorate a hand-held mirror with faux gemstones or write words on the mirror with lipstick -- for example, write, "You are the most beautiful woman" or a simple "I love you."

CDs and DVDs

Make a collage of digital pictures featuring the two of you to serve as her desktop image, or print it out and frame it. Burn a CD of your favorite love songs. Choose songs that truly express the way you feel about her. Record yourself singing the songs karaoke-style if you're comfortable with your voice. Make a DVD of her favorite love story movies, but add personal messages throughout the movies.


Warm her heart with home-baked goodies if she has a sweet tooth. Create a cookie bouquet or a fruit bouquet if you're feeling adventurous. Otherwise, use cookie cutters to shape cookies, fruit or sandwiches into hearts and decorate them accordingly. Dip strawberries in chocolate and serve them to her with wine or her favorite soda if she's underage. Decorate a box or container and fill it with her favorite candy or candy kisses. Pack a picnic lunch and take her to the park with the lunch and a blanket. You can decorate the blanket with fabric pens to write personalized messages all over it.