Slacker Beauty: 20 Last-Minute Hairstyles

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Oversleep this morning? We've been there and it isn't pretty...literally. If you've hit snooze button one too many times but don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed, we've got you covered with twenty celeb-inspired hairstyles that you can recreate at home in a pinch.

Side Twists

Whether your hair is shoulder length or flows down your back, this simple side-twist hairstyle is a great way to highlight your face, as demonstrated by actress Amanda Seyfried. Twist a small section of hair toward the back of your head and use bobby pins to secure.

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Messy Chignon

A messy chignon is one of the easiest hairstyles around, and it looks great on just about everybody, even if you’re not Jennifer Lawrence. Hair that hasn’t been washed in a few days is ideal for this hairstyle. Pull your hair into a low, side ponytail and tie the elastic once, then pull the ponytail halfway through the elastic. Play with the loose strands to make the messy style your own.

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Ponytail Wrap

If your go-to lazy day look is a ponytail, glam it up with a simple wrap like Lindsay Sloane. It doesn’t take more than five minutes and all you need are a couple of bobby pins and some hair spray. Pull your hair back into a ponytail on the crown of your head. Separate a small chunk of hair from the bottom of ponytail and spray with hairspray. Wrap the hair around the elastic and pin in place. Finish with hairspray to set.

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Sometimes, the best looks don’t require any actual hairstyling. The headband has been a fashion statement for centuries, dating back to the ancient Grecians who wore golden leaves around their heads for special occasions. Use your headband as a statement piece or match a slim headband with the rest of your outfit like Emma Watson. Either way, you can’t go wrong with one of the world’s oldest accessories.

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Ribbons and Bows

Bows may be the telltale sign of a girly girl, but that doesn’t mean you have to be pretty in pink to wear one. Actress Bella Thorne frequently sports bows on the red carpet, and the accessory adds a whole bunch of cute. If you have ribbon sitting around the house, tie it around your ponytail to disguise your elastic bands and spruce up your do.

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Overnight Curl

If you’re planning to be lazy in the morning but don’t want to look as lethargic as you feel, style your hair the night before. Before bed, wash and condition your hair and towel dry your hair to the point where it is damp, but not dripping. Grab less than a fistful of hair and twist it into a small bun secured with a rubber band. Repeat this step with sections of your hair all over your head. In the morning, take these buns out and your hair will be perfectly curled.

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Messy Fishtail Braid

Braids are an easy way to tame your hair when you’re in a hurry and they look good with everything. Wear your braid to the side like Minka Kelly, or opt for a more technical fishtail or French braid if time allows.

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Hats on Hats

If your alarm didn’t go off and you’re running out of the house to make it somewhere on time, your hat collection is your new best friend. In the spring and summer, a floppy hat is a great accessory to go with a dress and is the only prep you need for your hair. In the fall and winter, fedoras are great with any outfit and will hide whatever bed head you woke up with that morning.

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Simply Straight

If you know you’re going to want to sleep in, it’s definitely worth it to style your hair the night before. One of the easiest hairstyles to do the night before is simple, straight hair. Wash and condition your hair at night, blow dry and straighten it with a flat iron and you'll just have to touch it up in the morning. Your hair will look as beautiful as Kate Hudson’s, but you won’t have to spend more than ten minutes getting ready.

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High Ponytail

It is essential for a girl with a 9-5 job to utilize the abundance of ponytails that fellow fashionistas have created. One of these looks is the high ponytail, which requires virtually no more work than any other style ponytail. To make a high ponytail like Gisele Bundchen's, bend forward and flip your hair over your head and bundle your hair into a ponytail that sits high on your crown.

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Messy Straight Hair

Sometimes bed head can work in your favor, a la Blake Lively. For messy straight hair, all you need is a curling iron, brush, comb and hairspray. Randomly curl a few sections of your hair to make your natural waves appear a bit polished, flip your hair over and spray it with hairspray. After the hairspray is applied, tease your hair with the comb at the tips and roots and apply more hairspray.

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Braided Bangs

If you have unruly bangs, the braided bangs look could be the ideal last-minute hairstyle for you. Rather than braiding all of your hair, the braided bangs style requires braiding one or two small sections of hair on the right and left sides of your head and securing them back. If you are a fan of boho beauty, this quick and easy hairstyle is perfect for quick morning styling.

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Knotted Ponytail

Another way to spruce up your ponytail is with a knot. Separate well-brushed and moussed hair into two sections and tie them into a knot. Secure the knot with elastic and your knotted ponytail is complete. This style is extremely versatile, so feel free to wear it casually or formally, like Sarah Hyland.

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Two Minute Tuck

Stretchy headbands are finally good for more than just a trip to the gym! All you need for this hairstyle is a stretchy headband and some hairspray and you’ve got Zoe Saldana’s celebrity look in a hurry. Place a stretchy headband on your hair such that it sits at the very height of your forehead and at the nape of your neck. Starting at one side, tuck your hair into the headband until it's all rolled into a Gibson roll style do.

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The Fancy Bun

If you don’t want your hair bothering you all day, this stylish bun is a great option. Apply smoothing serum to your hair for a sleek look, and then gather your hair into a ponytail that sits high on the crown of your head. Pull your hair through the elastic until the bun is the size you want. Then, twist the excess hair around the elastic and pin in place. Hairspray for extra hold.

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Side Bun

The side bun is a classic hairstyle that works for any occasion. Gather your hair into a side ponytail, and then loop your hair through the elastic until the bun is the size you want. Use bobby pins to secure in place. Accessorize with earrings like Amy Poehler for a polished look.

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Teased Half-Up

If you have naturally straight hair, you probably get bored of it looking the same all the time. The teased half-up look utilizes that natural straightness and creates volume for a whole new look like Minka Kelly's. For a teased half-up, tease the hair near your crown with a bristled hair brush so that it becomes voluminous. Pull a small amount of hair from one side of your head towards the back of your head and pin it with bobby pins.

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Side Ponytail with a Twist

If you have especially long hair, the side ponytail is a beautiful way to display your luscious locks. Gain inspiration from Taylor Swift's side-swept pony and add a twist. Gather all your hair to one side of your head and tie it with an elastic. Use your fingers to separate the hair above the elastic into two sections, creating a hole. Flip the ponytail through the hole to get the twisted look. This side ponytail looks especially stunning when styled with side bangs.

Large Clips

If you want your hair to fall down in all the right places, a large clip is a great way to hold all your hair up. A big clip creates a less uniform messy bun look and requires even less energy. Gather all your hair with the clip and close the clip towards the top of your head, making sure to close all of your hair in the clip. You can also use clips to push your hair to one side like model Cara Delevingne.

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Sectioned Ponytail

Separate your ponytail into sections to create a rippled ponytail like Olivia Wilde. This hairstyle is easy and will tame your hair if you’re having a frizzy Friday.

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