How to Dress to Chaperone a Prom

How to Dress to Chaperone a Prom. So you volunteered to chaperone the prom, but you have no idea what to wear. Follow these steps to put together a gorgeous, age-appropriate outfit that won't leave you hiding in the corner.

Put the 80's prom dress back in the closet. If images of ruffles, puffy dresses and glitter are filling your head, consider rethinking your idea of the perfect prom chaperoning dress. Of course you want to look and feel great, but you don't want to out-dress the kids.

Decide whether it's appropriate to follow the prom theme. Just because the theme is "Adventures Under the Sea" doesn't mean you should show up dressed as Ariel. If the chaperones have decided as a group to dress in theme, then you're OK, but if not, you will most likely regret your decision the moment you walk in the door.

Go the conservative route. The only thing more embarrassing than seeing that one woman dressed in a hot pink ball gown is BEING that woman. To ensure that you'll be comfortable in your outfit, go conservative. This isn't your night to shine, so play it safe with a little black dress or something classic in a springy color scheme. If the kids will be in formal wear, then you should too, but keep it under control.

Play it safe with a modest suit. Dad's best bet is to go with a suit and tie-something he would wear to church or a business meeting. Coordinating Mom and Dad's outfits is one way to make a statement among the adult crowd, yet still blend in with the overall crowd.

Keep the girls covered. Your child's high school prom is not the time to reveal your cleavage. Keep your chest covered and stay away from spaghetti straps. Even if you think you look amazing in it, it's simply not the time or place for that. Buy the dress and save it for another time.

Keep comfort in mind. You will probably be on your feet most of the night, so choose shoes that won't have you hobbling halfway into the party. You may also be asked to stick around after the party to help tear down, so pick a dress or skirt that will allow you to bend and move somewhat easily.