Simple Baby Shower Games

If a friend or loved one is expecting a baby, host a baby shower where she will receive items that will help prepare her for the upcoming birth. Not only does the shower help to provide her with things that she may need, but it is also a fun way to celebrate the joyous event. Make the shower a fun-filled event for the soon-to-be-mom, as well as the guests, with a few simple games.

Mum's the Word

Provide shower-goers with clothespins or stickers to place on their shirts. The object of the game is not to say the word "baby." Whoever hears someone else utter the word removes a clothespin or sticker from the guilty party. The person with the most clothespins or stickers by the end of the shower is the winner.

Predict the Size of the Tummy

Baby Shower 101 offers this simple game for a baby shower. To play, you will need a spool of yarn, rope, crepe paper, or some type of material that can be cut and used to measure, and a scissor. To play, pass the measurement item you have chosen and the scissor to each guest. Each guest estimates the size of the future mommy's tummy by cutting a length of the measuring material. Once each guest has made her prediction, determine who made the correct prediction by wrapping the lengths of material around Mommy's tummy. The person who has the length of material that is closest to the real size is the winner.

Transfer the Cotton Balls

To play this game, you will need two medium-to-large-sized bowls, a kitchen spoon, a blindfold and a bag of cotton balls. Place the cotton balls and spoon in one of the bowls. Blindfold the player. The player uses only the kitchen spoon to transfer the cotton balls to the empty bowl. She must complete this task in one minute. The task is more difficult than one would assume, as it is quite difficult for the player to tell how many cotton balls are being transferred due to the light weight of the cotton and the heavier weight of the spoon. After each player's turn, count the number of cotton balls that were transferred and make note of it.

Guess the M&Ms

This baby shower game idea comes from Baby Shower 101. Prior to the shower, purchase a bag of M&Ms and a baby bottle. Fill the baby bottle to the top with M&Ms. Dump out the M&Ms and count them, writing down the total number. At the shower, provide guests with pen and paper. Show them the M&M-filled baby bottle and ask them to guess how many M&Ms are in the bottle, writing their guess and their name on the paper. Once everyone has made her guess, collect the papers. Reveal the actual number of M&Ms, then go through the pile of predictions. The player or players who predicted correctly win. If no one guessed the exact number, the person whose guess was the closest without going over is the winner.