Setting Up a Plan for a "Waiting to Exhale" Party

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The movie, "Waiting to Exhale," based on Terry McMillan's novel of the same name, can be used as a theme for break-up, divorce or being single again celebration party. Since the movie was released in 1995, women have gathered together to watch it and bond over break-ups and relationship troubles. Invite a group of gal pals over for a night that focuses on the bonds of female friendship and overcoming past relationships and nasty break-ups.


Print and hang pictures from the movie to decorate for a "Waiting to Exhale" party. Also have copies of the book laying around on table tops to serve as a themed decoration, but also for guests to read during down times of the party. Choose a color theme such as black and white and decorate with typical party items such as balloons and streamers. Add fresh flowers to the decor, or create a silk floral arrangement in party in the color scheme.


Of course watching the movie, Waiting to Exhale." will provide guests with entertainment. You can also play games such as a trivia game with questions revolving around the movie. Or assign each guest a character from the movie, such as one of the main characters: Savannah, Bernadine, Robin and Gloria. The guests must then assume the persona of the character the have been assigned. Or play a round of purse treasure hunt. Make a list of items commonly found in a woman's purse and the guest with the most items from the list in her purse wins.


The food options for a "Waiting to Exhale" party is varied depending on the time of day you are hosting the party. Consider serving finger foods such as a vegetable or fruit tray with dips and a cheese tray with crackers as an appetizer. Or you can plan a more formal dinner party with a sit-down dinner to a nicely set table. Consider serving a "No Wedding Cake" with only a bride sitting on top of a cake celebrating the single woman. Find inspiration in the infamous scene from the movie when Bernie, played by Angela Bassett, burned her love interest's clothes after finding that was leaving her for another woman and serve flambe. Also provide popcorn and other snacks suitable for eating white watching a movie.


A "Waiting to Exhale" party can include favors directly related to the movie, or any trinket you think your single, female friends may enjoy. A copy of the book or movie is a nice memento of the evening or give your guests things that will help her pamper herself such as nail polish, bath oils or salts or a scented candle. You can also give each guest a copy the movie soundtrack as a take-home gift. Also consider providing a journal so guests can record her feelings about her relationships or a certificate to a spa weekend.