Sayings to Write on 50th Birthday Cake

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Celebrating your 50th birthday can be daunting, so it needs to be made as enjoyable as possible. The birthday cake can help by having an amusing, unusual and appropriate saying iced on it. It will add to the celebration and show that some care and thought has been taken in creating the cake.

"Too Young for the Bowling Green -- Too Old for Ecstasy"

This saying sums up the in-between age that 50 is. Look round at your similar-aged friends and you will generally see fit, healthy, attractive people. Fifty really is the new 40. It may mean you have to work harder at it, but it is worth it.

"Too Old to Die Young"

This phrase is a slightly twisted version of a quote from a song by "The Who" who "hoped they died before they got old." While this may be true, it doesn't mean you can't still dress fashionably, go to the gym and behave badly if you choose.

"At 50 What Doesn't Hurt, Doesn't Work"

As we age, it does get harder to keep fit and our joints start to ache. If we are really unlucky, arthritis can set in, so moving about gets a little more difficult. However, we are experienced, skilled and at an age where our children have left home and our parents are not ready for the retirement home, so we can enjoy ourselves.

"Knowledge Speaks But Wisdom Listens"

This is a quote attributed to Jimi Hendrix (rock musician), although that was never confirmed. However, it is a good saying to ice onto a 50th birthday cake for the right person. Add "Happy 50th" after it. This is a bit of a generalization that older people are wiser than the young, but it works for a birthday cake.