How to Save a Boring Marriage

Almost all marriages have the ability to become boring at some time or another. It can even happen quite often. However, a boring marriage is one of the easiest problems to fix. People can get so involved in everyday life that they tend to forget when to relax and just have some fun. If you want to save a boring a marriage, you have to take some time out of your busy life and relax a little. Being creative is great, but not necessary. As long as you are changing everyday routines up a little, than you are doing what is necessary to get your boring marriage out of a rut.

Make a designated date night. This is a specific day every week that you have a babysitter for the kids and your only plans are to spend alone time with one another. You can go to a restaurant, have a picnic, go on a walk or whatever else that interests you both.

Go to different restaurants. Most couples tend to have favorite restaurants where they always go and order the exact same thing. Switch it up a bit. Go someplace neither of you have gone, even if you have to drive a little farther.

Take a family vacation. There is no quicker way to get out of boring rut than to just escape on a vacation. Go camping or on a cruise. Maybe even get a hotel at a beach somewhere for a couple nights if its warm.

Take a class together. Local colleges offer all kinds of one-day classes like pottery, painting or something like that. Take a class with your partner and you will be sure to bond while learning something new.

Go on a drive together. Take a cruise out to the country where you both can just look around at the scenery and talk with each other. Good communication is key, and many times its only possible when you are able to escape normal life.