What Is a Romantic Way to Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her?

Expressing your love to your girlfriend is a natural and important part of a relationship that is growing and flourishing. Whether you are telling your girlfriend for the first time or just want to reiterate your feelings, go the extra mile to tell her that you love her in an extra special way.

Artistic Expression

You don't have to be a skilled artist to express your love to your girlfriend. You can simply paint the words "I Love You" on a canvas board repeatedly, from the top to the bottom, using different paint colors. Alternatively, you can paint the words onto the canvas in a heart shape. Another idea is to surprise your girlfriend with chalk art on her driveway. Use colorful chalk to write "I Love You!" and draw hearts and "XO's" around it. You can also simply draw her a picture on construction paper, such as a stick figure picture of you and your girlfriend holding hands. Include "I Love You" somewhere in the drawing.

Inspired Words

Use romantic lines from famous poems to help you express your love. You could put together a paper booklet with a love poem on each page. Use her favorite poems or famous romantic poems, such as "To Earthward" by Robert Frost and William Shakespeare's 18th Sonnet. On the last page, write "In other words, I love you." Instead of romantic poems, you can also write romantic lines from your girlfriend's favorite movies. For example, you might include, "You had me at hello," from "Jerry Maguire" and "My heart is and always will be yours," from "Sense and Sensibility."

Romantic Settings

Tell your girlfriend that you love her in a beautiful romantic setting. Take her to a quiet a park at night, away from the street lights, and tell her how you feel under a blanket of stars. Head to the beach or a lookout point and tell her you're in love with her as you watch a spectacular sunset. Take her to a cozy restaurant with a view and share your feelings over a candle-lit dinner. Stroll through the woods and tell her you love her while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Classic Romantic Gestures

If your girlfriend is more of a traditional type, you can't go wrong presenting her with a bouquet of red roses. You can include a note telling her you love her, or you can say it to her as you give her the flowers. A cute twist would be to attach a note to each rose in the bouquet giving reasons why you love her. Another classic gesture would be to write her a love poem of your own or give her a handwritten love letter.

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