Romantic One Night Anniversary Ideas

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Anniversaries are wonderfully romantic chances to celebrate your marriage. It's nice to mark the occasion by taking a second honeymoon, a cruise or even just a weekend away, but that's not possible every year. Even if you can't get time off from work for a long vacation, you can still celebrate your anniversary in style. All it takes is some research into what's available in your area and some creativity on your part to plan a romantic getaway for two.

First Date

Recreate your first date together as faithfully as you can. You may have to make a few substitutions – for example, go to a theater instead of a drive-in if it's December, or go swimming instead of hot-tubbing if you're pregnant – but get as close as you can. Spend the evening “quizzing” each other on your relationship trivia such as what each of you wore the first time or the name of the song playing during your first slow dance. Try to recapture the excitement you felt in those early days, with one big difference – at the end of this date, you get to go home together.

Dinner Out

Make reservations far in advance at the fanciest restaurant in town, and arrange for champagne and a tiny wedding cake to be served after your meal. Dress in your finest and drive to the restaurant in a car that has been decorated with streamers, paper flowers and “Just Married” signs. Hire a violinist to serenade you with “your song” during dessert and present one another with elegant little gifts such as jewelry or theater tickets. After dinner, drive to the honeymoon suite you've reserved for a night at a local boutique hotel. Arrange beforehand to have flowers and champagne in the room and rose petals on the sheets.

Dinner In

Stay home alone (send the kids to Grandma's for the night) and work together to recreate your wedding supper – for two. Look up the recipes online, or see if the caterer will give you a scaled-down version of the one they used. Listen to your wedding playlist while you chop, saute and bake. Set the table, light the candles and watch your wedding video while you eat. Feed each other cake (from a bakery) and make a toast to your marriage. Then – if you're not too full – you can spend the rest of the evening re-enacting your wedding night without worrying about checkout time in the morning.