Romantic Ideas for 2-Year Anniversaries

by Aurora LaJambre
Toast a two-year anniversary with time together.

Toast a two-year anniversary with time together.

Couples celebrating a two-year anniversary deserve to mark the occasion with a romantic evening of sharing memories and hopes for the future. Aside from finding a meaningful gift, plan a romantic evening around shared activities and interests. A two-year anniversary helps set the stage for the many anniversaries to follow. Marking the occasion with quality time together will show your love.

Tickets for Two

Two years of building a relationship merits a little splurge. In the name of your two-year anniversary, treat yourselves to two tickets to an event you'll both enjoy. Buy tickets to a favorite sporting event or see a live band. If you're looking for something more relaxing, book a couples massage followed by a quiet dinner overlooking a body of water or other natural landscape. Use this as a time to celebrate the things that bring you together, the moments of shared peace and joy.


Few surprises are more romantic than a surprise getaway for two, regardless of the destination. For a two-year anniversary, taking your partner away shows she has your undivided attention and gives you both a chance to reconnect. Go to a peaceful bed and breakfast if you live in an urban area, or vice versa. A change of scenery removes everyday distractions and routines so you can share new experiences and simply relax. For fun, have matching T-shirts or sweatshirts made to commemorate the trip and satisfy the tradition of exchanging cotton gifts.

Dinner and Memories

If you enjoy cooking together, create a healthy menu inspired by your most memorable meals. Choose a dish that you had on a first date or a delicious birthday or other holiday. Make a playlist of special songs and take your time preparing the food with love. Light candles on the table, pull out your best dishes and share a slow meal. Healthy food nourishes the mind, body and spirit. Sharing a nutritious meal can also nourish your relationship and inspire a healthy future.

Thrills for Two

Often the most memorable moments become the most romantic. Do something extraordinary for your two-year anniversary. Start by writing down some of the activities you've always wanted to do. Bungee jumping, sky diving and river rafting are a few types of activities that will make this an anniversary to remember. Facing your fears together with strengthen the relationship and infuse the day with excitement.

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