Romantic Homecoming Ideas

by Eric Jonas

Couples can be separated for lengthy periods of time for a number of reasons; military deployment, business trips and hospital stays, to name just a few. Preparing a romantic homecoming provides the partner at home with a thoughtful task to occupy her time and a way to express her excitement over the loved one's return, while also providing the partner away with an even greater sense of anticipation and excitement over returning home.

Personally or Professionally Prepared Dinner

A good meal can be the path to the heart, for many people. Partners at home can prepare a romantic candlelit setting, with dim lighting and a dinner table adorned in rose petals. Prepare a favorite meal and complement the food with a good bottle of wine and a romantic dessert, such as strawberries dipped in chocolate or petit fours.

For a luxurious evening reunion, partners can hire a professional chef to prepare a favorite meal and wait on the couple throughout the evening. For an extra romantic touch, leave a small note at the home-comer's place setting with a message expressing how much she has been missed.

In-Home Spa Service

Couples can enjoy a romantic and rejuvenating afternoon or evening together with home spa services provides by a mobile spa company. Create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere by closing the curtains, dimming the lights and lighting candles.

Aromatherapy candles can enhance the ambiance of the room with fragrances, such as lavender or roses. Have a bath ready for your partner's return and share a few private moments to reconnect. Then, enjoy a variety of treatments together in the comfort of the home. In-home spa treatments available include deep-tissue massages, manicures and pedicures, facials and body wraps.

Movie and Flowers

For those who cannot resist flowers and a good romantic movie, spend an evening reveling in each other's closeness and some romantic entertainment.

Prepare for the evening by leaving 11 fresh, long-stemmed roses in a path from the front door to the living room. Attach a piece of a note to each of the roses, to culminate in a nearly complete romantic phrase once all of the pieces have been collected. Explain that the final piece of the puzzle will be provided at the end of the evening. Couples can then enjoy some romantic time curled up together on the couch, with some favorite treats. At the conclusion of the evening, the hosting partner can present the home-comer with a gold-dipped rose and the final piece of the intimate note. Along with the rose, include a note that explains that the rose, just like love, will endure forever.

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