Romantic Afternoon Ideas

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Keeping romance alive is key to almost any long-term relationship. Spending a few romantic afternoons together as a couple doing things that you both enjoy can not only give your love life a boost it can oftentimes make the difference between a happy union and one that is headed for trouble.

Picnic Lunches

Surprising your loved one with a picnic lunch is a romantic idea that can be done to celebrate special occasions or any time you want to show how much you care. Try packing a basket filled with a cheeses, grapes and a bottle of your favorite wine and heading to the park for a private lunch for two. For added romance, try slipping a little love note into basket or bringing along a CD of your favorite romantic songs to play.

Revisiting the Past

Another romantic idea is to spend an afternoon together is revisiting special places that you have spent as a couple. Try having lunch at the spot where you had your first dinner date together and then spend the rest of the afternoon visiting spots that hold special meaning to you and your relationship. These locations can include anything from driving past your first home together to paying a visit to the church where you were married.

Spa at Home

Often times, the role of parent doesn't allow for much couple time alone. If you have children, try finding a baby sitter for a couple of hours and creating a couple's spa at home. Light the bedroom with candles and give each other a massage using a variety of scented oils and lotions. Once you are done, indulge in a lunch of chocolate-dipped strawberries, fresh bread and your favorite beverage or bottle of wine.

Take a Walk

One of the most romantic things you can do as a couple is also one of the least expensive. Taking a long walk together is a great way to spend quality time with the one you love, and it is also beneficial to your health. For added romance, choose a place that is picturesque and holds special meaning to you as a couple such as near a romantic waterfall, on the beach or through the park.