How to Find a Pen Pal for Adults

by Robert Ceville

An adult pen pal gives you a chance to establish a new friendship with someone you otherwise wouldn't have a chance to meet -- perhaps in another country, or perhaps closer to home. A pen pal is someone with whom you correspond by sending and receiving written letters. Finding an adult pen pal allows you to exchange information pertaining to your personal life, culture, love interests and many other parts of your character. You can find an adult pen pal online in less than 10 minutes.

Utilize the tools provided by pen pal websites to connect with other adults. Register with the website to gain access to its pen pal database and to receive contact information for correspondence. Visit either the Penpal Gate, Interpals or Penpal World by clicking on one of the links provided in the "Resources" section of this article.

Create your personal profile. Enter your age, location, hobbies and interests, and other personal details into the appropriate fields. Specify whether you are looking to connect with an individual from another country, as well as the age range of those with whom you wish to correspond.

Choose an adult pen pal from the list of suggested people. The websites will generate a list of good matches and present them to you. Begin writing your first correspondence and send your letter or message to the address or virtual mailbox listed in your new pen pal's personal profile.


  • You can use social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace, for corresponding with virtual pen pals as well.


  • Most websites do not have a screening process for whom they allow to join their correspondence network, so use caution when disclosing personal information to your new pen pals.

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