List of Web Sites for Gay Black Men

by Raphael Garcia

Finding a suitable life partner is a challenging task for anyone. Life’s daily obligations and a lack of understanding can make it hard for African American men to find someone of the same sex that intrigues them. Dating websites are available to help people find the right person to bring into their life. These sites provide a number of options to help people connect and get to know each other.


Blackmen4now.com is a dating website for African American men to establish same-sex connections with other men. This site offers personal adds with pictures, voting polls and messaging. Users of Blackmen4now.com can create a profile that allows them to reach out to other users that they find interesting. The website also offers dating advice for its users, Youtube video links of members and party announcements. Blackmen4now.com has a "stories" section that gives members a chance to post their individual stories about being a member of this lifestyle and community. This website and it’s services are free.


Realjock.com is a health and fitness website for gay men. This website offers a number of different services for users. For example, viewers can read about new workout styles or products they can use during training. Realjock.com users can create profiles and contact other members, post pictures and chat while online. Members can join chat rooms to talk to numerous other gay males at the same time. You can also create a list of preferences in the type of male that you are looking for. Realjock.com will then give you a list of members that fit or closely fit the type of man you are seeking. Realjock.com requires users to create a username and password, yet all of their services are free.


Blackdatingnetwork.com is a website service set up for African American dating. This website gives access to a number of users looking to meet and mingle. Gay men can use Blackdatingnetwork.com to view profiles and chat with people who share their interests. This website has a chat and email service that comes standard with membership. Users can send invites, post pictures and interact with each other in other ways. Blackdatingnetwork.com has another service that conducts a reverse search for individuals that match your profile. As with the other websites listed, Blackdatingnetwork.dom is free of charge and requires you to create a username and password.

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