Older Singles Clubs in Atlanta

club girl image by Sergej Razvodovskij from Fotolia.com

As one gets older, being single becomes a possibility, particularly when divorce or the death of a partner occurs. In Atlanta, the singles club scene is a thriving one. Atlanta is a diverse city with different races and nationalities. Similarly, the singles clubs are varied. A mature single person can connect with other singles in environments designed for this type of interaction.


Hal’s is a prime location for older men and women, particularly those residing in the affluent Buckhead area. The older single men at Hal’s are not shy about approaching women, and vice versa. Hal’s has a large crowd of older single men and women, so the chance of meeting someone there is good.

Regardless of its reputation for attracting an older singles crowd, Hal’s is also popular for its primo steaks and strong cocktails. The menu includes appetizers, soups, salads, pastas and entrees, which include seafood, veal, beef, lamb, and poultry. Hal’s also provides live music, including jazz, blues, big band, and a variety of old and new rock and roll hits.

Hal’s 30 Old Ivy Road Atlanta, GA 30342 (404) 261-0025 hals.net

Johnny’s Hideaway

Johnny’s Hideaway is one of the most popular spots for singles over 40. It has a smoky bar that serves greasy food, but does not have a true atmosphere or a wide drink selection. Still, the club has other features that make it a good draw for the older singles crowd. The drinks are poured straight and the club is known for its attractive selection of older women. The music is a mixture of oldies and newer tunes, and the volume is kept at a level that allows patrons to converse without shouting.

Johnny’s Hideaway has live bands that perform a few nights a week. On weekends, the club is generally packed. The dance floor tends to be one of the centers of attraction, and singles are not shy about dancing with whoever they please.

Johnny’s Hideaway 3771 Roswell Road NE Atlanta, GA 30342 (404) 233-8026

Old Vinings Inn

Old Vinings Inn is located in Vinings, a historical area of Atlanta. It is a dainty restaurant and bar/club that specializes in Southern cuisine. The Inn provides its customers with warm hospitality and charm, and has received favorable reviews from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Older singles of all ages flock to the Old Vinings Inn to enjoy the live music in the Vinings Inn Attic Bar. Although the crowd knows how to have a good time, they refrain from excess. The menu consists of lunch, dinner and dessert. Different types of wines and champagne are also available.

Old Vinings Inn 3011 Paces Mill Road SE Atlanta, GA 30339 (770) 438-2282 oldviningsinn.com