Pairing Jewelry With a Brown Dress

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The type of jewelry you wear can make or break your outfit, especially when your outfit is centered upon a specific color like a brown dress. Jewelry acts as an accessory that can either finish an outfit, or add an element of sparkle and sophistication with a properly chosen piece. When paired with such a rich and stylish color such as brown, jewelry makes for an instantly luxurious feel.


Once your hair is expertly coiffed, the next thing you should consider to pull your look together is a fabulous and complementary pair of earrings. In the case of a brown dress, stick to colors that add an element of warmth to the earth tone. Earrings in shades of gold, rust, burnt orange and fellow earth tones offer just enough color to play off the brown beautifully. Select silver if you wish to add a cool chicness. The style of earrings you choose depends on the style of your brown dress, the way your hair is styled and whether or not you want your earrings to be a focal point. Choose dangling or chandelier styles for drama and studs and teardrops for an understated appearance.


There is no better time to show off a cute manicure than when you have a stylish set of rings as the centerpiece. As an earth tone, a brown dress isn't a color that catches the eye immediately, but you can duplicate that effect by selecting rings that are definite conversation pieces. Keeping in line with the colors of jewelry that best suit the dress -- gold, rust, dark orange, silver and black -- opt for rings that are stylish yet edgy. Large cocktail rings worn on the middle, ring or index finger are good choices, as well as two- and three-finger ring styles that are smaller but still chic.


The neckline of your brown dress is the deciding factor on the necklace you select for your dress. Certain necklines are more flattering with necklace designs in particular shapes. For instance, a halter dress would benefit from a more understated, simple pendant necklace that doesn't compete with the intricate neckline. By contrast, a strapless brown dress goes well with practically any statement necklace style because there is no neckline competing for attention. Chokers, multi-strand chains, beads and bib necklaces are just a few of the styles that can be paired with your brown dress.


Like rings, bracelets are the type of jewelry that draws attention to your hands, but they also can complement the sleeves -- or lack thereof -- of your brown dress. Any sleeveless dress design is open to any kind of bracelet style as long as the color is flattering. However, if your brown dress has voluminous sleeves, opt for a simpler bracelet design so that your arm area doesn't appear cluttered. Bangles, cuffs, interlocking, tennis and charm are all bracelet types that can be worn with a brown dress as an appropriate jewelry option. They can also be worn alone or combined with other jewelry without overwhelming your look.