What Outfit Goes With Leopard Shoes?

by Mercedes Valladares

Be inspired by Hollywood celebs who sport leopard shoes from season to season. Whether you enjoy wearing pumps, ballet flats or ankle booties, your leopard print can add a touch of sex appeal to your outfit. This print generally has neutral tones, so you can coordinate other pieces in your outfit with the same color hues. The shoe pattern acts as an accentuating accessory when coordinated with matching or complementary color schemes. Play up the leopard pattern to change the vibe of your everyday wardrobe.

Black, White and Shades of Gray

Steely color wardrobe combinations in black, white and gray instantly transform with the addition of leopard shoes. When you wear a black or charcoal gray dress with a skinny belt, accentuate the look with sky-high platform pumps in a leopard print. If dresses are not your bag, choose a white blouse and black skirt ensemble, accentuating your patterned pumps with a red handbag and studded bracelet. Change out the pumps for leopard-printed ankle booties to create a downtown-chic vibe.

Patterns Working 9 to 5

Work the leopard pattern through the day wearing office-appropriate ballet flats or loafers with a classic black business suit. When you choose pants or skirt suit ensembles in dark shades, including grays or browns for the fall season, the leopard pattern softens the structured suit. As the clock winds down and evening approaches, change out the flats for kitten-heeled leopard mules. Introduce a touch of glam to your business attire for after-hour events wearing back-seam pantyhose with sky-high stilettos trimmed in the leopard pattern.

Neutrals on Safari

If you enjoy wearing earthy, neutral tones, take your look toward the exotic by pairing your outfit with leopard-patterned footwear. Accentuate a beige or khaki cotton shirt-dress with a self-fabric belt cinched around your waist, and finish the look with leopard flats. As an alternative, pair a blouse with gathers around the neckline and a full skirt with the same design details around the waist. Choose crepe fabrics in beige or cream-colored tones paired with leopard slingbacks. Wear a nude leather dress with studded trim with patterned, platform ankle booties. If you wear an animal-print outfit, choose strapped sandals with a touch of leopard print accent.

Bright-Colored Jeans

Whether you wear dyed, bull-denim jeans in lipstick red, summer white or jet black, your leopard shoes make a bold statement. If you wear ankle-length skinny jeans, combine them with ankle-strapped platform pumps finished with a calf-hair, leopard pattern. As an alternative look, wear a long fitted blazer with structured shoulders trimmed with fringed epaulets. Layer this stylish blazer over a solid-colored top and a medium-wash jean with your leopard sandals or pumps.

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