One-Year Dating Anniversary Suggestions & Ideas

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The one-year dating anniversary can be tricky. You want your significant other to know how much you care about them, but you may not want to come off too strong. Whether you are contemplating marriage or simply looking to further your dating relationship, there are some creative, memorable and romantic things you can do. Your one-year dating anniversary may dictate the tone of your second year of dating.

The Obvious: A Night Out

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Every couple needs to take a break and have a night out that is just about them. There is no better time than your anniversary to go out and celebrate your relationship. Have dinner at a nice restaurant or go to the same place where you and your partner shared your first date. Make sure that the night is focused on one thing -- your relationship.

As you enjoy your night out, talk about what your thoughts and feelings were when you first started dating. Chat about your favorite memories and your dreams for the future. If you are not looking toward marriage, simply dream up some vacation plans or new places to go on dates. Remind each other of why you enjoy each other's company.

The Memorable: Personalized Gifts

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Nothing is as special as a gift that was created just for you. Create a personalized photo book for your partner. You can make a scrapbook yourself or create one online. There are several websites like and that allow you to upload your pictures, edit, add special text, and organize any way that you see fit. This type of personal gift will make sure that your significant other knows how much you mean to them.

The Adventurous: Take a Trip

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Take a journey on the wild side. Do something the two of you have never done before. It could be ice skating, rock climbing, scuba diving, renting a plane and have someone fly you over your city or anything else that is different and exciting. Doing something that is out of the ordinary will help you and your partner experience new things together and help you grow closer.

The Tastefully Simple: Take a Walk

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Sometimes, less is more. By unplugging from the hustle and bustle of life, you get to leave all the distractions aside and focus simply on your partner. Pack up a bag and take a nice walk with the one you are with. Enjoy a picnic at sunset. You can go to your local park or even a national park. Make sure that you get away from the routine and all the distractions and simply enjoy spending time with someone you care about.