Office Holiday Party Makeup Tutorial

Lilly Wallace

An office holiday party is the only occasion when it's okay to wear the type of makeup that you would never put on on an average workday — shimmer, false lashes or a bright lip color — and then add some fun, festive details to it.

Determine the Look

Before you settle on a look, a couple of things to consider...

Your outfit. If you are wearing something bright and festive, like a bright red top, a colorful patterned dress or statement jewelry, keep your makeup very simple.

The party theme and venue. The lighting at the party's venue is a very important factor. If the venue has soft lights, you may go for a slightly more dramatic makeup look. If the venue has bright lighting, it may be wise to keep the makeup softer and more natural, and stay away from shimmer and sparkles.

Prep Your Skin

Start by applying a face primer that suits your skin type (mattifying for oily skin, hydrating for dry skin). A face primer will help the makeup go on smoothly and stay put longer.

Then use a foundation with light to medium coverage to even out your skin tone. Apply a thin layer of product to avoid a "cakey" look. For a flawless look, apply under eye concealer, only where darkness is — tilt your head down and apply concealer where the dark shadows are. Pat and blend gently until it looks smooth.

If you have any blemishes or redness around the nose, apply a concealer that matches the color of your foundation, and blend it to make it look seamless. Then set your base with a translucent powder.

Lilly Wallace

Groom Eyebrows

If you have full, well-groomed eyebrows, simply shape with a clear brow gel. If you have bald spots and/or an irregular brow shape, fill them in with a brow powder or pencil. Use a light hand to fill in the sparse areas so they look more natural.

Lilly Wallace

Define Eyes

Apply an eyeshadow primer all over the lid to create a smooth base and conceal any redness. Then use a light gold eyeshadow shade all over the lid, stopping at the crease. Depending on your skin tone, you may want to choose a fairer or deeper shade of gold. It should not be much lighter or darker than your skin tone.

Lilly Wallace

Apply a golden brown shade to the crease, following your natural socket shape.

Lilly Wallace

Apply a dark gray color to the outer corner of your upper eyelid, as to create a "V" shape. Then, with a fluffy blending eyeshadow, diffuse the colors and soften the edges.

Lilly Wallace

Apply black eyeliner (liquid, pencil or gel, according to your preference) along the upper lash line, creating a wing. Add one or two coats of mascara.

Lilly Wallace

Optional: Add a set of false eyelashes to give extra volume and add a more dramatic effect. If you would like to add false lashes for a little extra volume, but prefer a less dramatic effect, use individual lashes instead of a full strip.

Apply Color to Cheeks

Add a soft blush color to your cheeks. Choose one that suits your skin tone and gives a natural-looking flush instead of a bright pop of color. Stay away from bright pink, red and orange. Rosey colors suits most skin tones.

Lilly Wallace


This gold, shimmery eye makeup can be paired with either a nude lip or a red lip. You may opt for one or the other based on your outfit and your level of comfort with pigmented shades.

Lilly Wallace