Nontraditional Games for Bridal Showers

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Games have been played at bridal showers for generations. Traditional favorites include "Toilet Paper Dress" and "Ribbon Bouquet." Some brides decide to forgo familiar games and put a modern spin on their showers. Non-traditional showers are sometimes co-ed and may take place at novel venues like wineries or art museums. The tradition of game-playing is still alive at non-traditional showers, but shower hosts take care to keep games fresh, conversational and often humorous.

Wedding Film List

Test your guests' memories with this simple game that is sure to inspire laughs and conversation. Distribute a pen and paper to each table and instruct guests to think of as many films as possible with any of the words "wedding," "bride," "groom," "proposal," or "honeymoon" in the title. Examples of titles guests may pick include "Father of the Bride" and "Honeymoon in Vegas." Each guest sitting at the table that comes up with the most titles wins a prize. This is an ideal game to play at a co-ed shower.

Purse Treasure Hunt

A women-only shower is bound to be held in a room full of purses. Use the items in guests' purses as the subject of a creative, and often humorous, game. Divide guests into teams based on the table where they are seated and instruct them to keep their purses nearby. Using a chalkboard or easel, make a list of items which could be found in a woman's purse. Include common items like lipstick and keys, but also include random, funny items like socks and gum wrappers. List a point value next to each item, setting the number higher for rare items and lower for common items. Have a scorekeeper from each team tally the number of points earned based on the contents of each team member's purse. Member of the team with the most points win prizes.

Remember the Bride

The bride always makes an impression at her shower. Plan a game that revolves around all the attention she's getting. After she's had time to mingle with her guests, instruct her to leave the room. Distribute a pen and paper to each guest and request they write as many details as possible about the bride's appearance. Items on the list can include clothing, jewelry, shoes, hair style and makeup. The guest who is able to recall the most correct details wins a prize.

Mad Libs

Mad Libs are a classic game where players create a list based on written prompts for nouns, verbs, adjectives and other certain types of language. Then they write the words from the list into blank spaces in a corresponding block of text, resulting in a story that is often humorous since the new words do not always fit appropriately with the rest of the story. Mad Libs customized for bridal showers create non-traditional, often adult-themed, stories that guests of both genders will enjoy creating and reading -- if their own laughter doesn't stop them from reaching the end. Print wedding-themed Mad Lib word lists and stories from an online word game resource, and distribute copies to each table. Have each table complete a story. Assign a guest from each table to read the story to the bride or couple.

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