Mother's Day Memory Book Ideas

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Mother's Day is a celebration of the wonderful things our mothers have done for us and a memory book is an evocative way in which to record some of these and let our mothers know how much we appreciate them. Photos will usually form an important part of any memory book, but children can explore their creativity to record their favourite personal memories. (see references 1)

Photo Montages

Photographs are ideal for recording memories, but creating photo-montages with different pages dedicated to different themes makes them more interesting. Group photos under heading such as: When we were very young (for baby photos); Days out; Family parties; Celebrations (for wedding and Christenings) and Funny Faces (for snaps of mum in silly mode). Decorate these pages with any small mementos you can find such as Wedding cards, entrance tickets or party invites.

Quotes and Sayings

Most mums have favourite words of wisdom they regularly share with their family, have made witty reposts that pass into family history or have inadvertently said amusing things. Note down as many as you can recall and ask friends and family for any they can remember. Dedicate a page in the memory book to writing these down neatly. Illustrate with any photos you have relating to the sayings or when they were said.


Make a list of things you might associate with your mother such as songs, tv shows, perfume, cooking, favourite places, outfits she wore or made for you, and stories she read to you when you were young. Each child and grandchild should make their own list, adding details of any particular memories associated with these things. Dedicate a page to these. Decorate with appropriate tokens such as a perfume labels, recipe or pictures of mom's favourite singer or actor.

Mom's Mom

It's easy to forget moms had a life before they became mothers. Learn more about your mother and bring back special memories for her by dedicating a page to her young and single years. If your mother's parents or siblings are still alive ask them for any memories, photos or mementos they have of her when she was a little girl or teenager. If she is still in contact with childhood friends ask them to contribute too.