March Wedding Ideas

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According to, one of the nation's leading wedding websites, March is the 10th most popular month to wed in. Because it occurs during one of the slower seasons of the year, it is also one of the most affordable months to get married in. There are many benefits to having a march wedding, including affordability and floral availability.

Spring Colors

March is the very beginning of springtime in most places, so choose to use spring colors throughout your decor. Pink, green, yellow and white are all examples of colors that you can use to reflect the time of year. Choose two bright springtime colors and incorporate them throughout your ceremony and reception. Use them in your bridesmaid dresses, reception tablecloths, napkins, wedding cake and other decor. These colors can also be used in unexpected places, such as a colorful aisle runner, vibrant fabric draping or bold shoes for the bride. Avoid using more than two spring colors, or your wedding may end up looking more like an Easter party.


Many flowers are in season during the month of March, including daisies, tulips, roses and peonies. All of these flowers are available in a wide variety of colors, including pink, orange and red. If you are wanting to use a traditional flower centerpiece, fill a vase, mason jar or ceramic pitcher with the flowers of your choice and tie a large, brightly colored ribbon around the top. Other springtime centerpiece ideas to consider are colored flowerpots filled with wheat grass and clear glass bowls filled with floating candles and vibrant flower petals.


A March wedding lends itself to very versatile decorating ideas. One idea to consider is to incorporate fresh fruit into your decor, such as in your centerpieces, on the buffet table or directly onto your wedding cake. Use brightly colored sashes to decorate the guest chairs. Patterns can also be used to play up a March wedding, such as polka dots, stripes and checkers in your wedding colors.


When planning your reception menu, choose lighter foods. Light food is more commonly associated with spring than heavy foods, which are associated with wintertime. Grilled white meat entrees, such as chicken or fish, alongside a fresh spring salad and steamed vegetables will leave your guests satisfied without overfilling them. As a special springtime finishing touch, recommends using an edible flower to garnish the plate.

The month of March is also a great time for a mid-day brunch reception. Egg souffles, omelets, crepes and fruit salad are all easy and simple options for a March reception. For your wedding cake, opt to use bold, fruity flavors over chocolate or vanilla, such as mango, raspberry, pineapple or strawberry.

Fruity Drinks

Instead of wine or champagne with dinner, serve sweet, fruit-flavored martinis and cocktails to your guests. Examples could include watermelon martinis, mango martinis, cherry blossom cocktails and champagne mojitos. These drinks not only taste delicious, but will complement your light fare menu and surprise your guests. For guests under the legal drinking age, have sparkling lemonades and juices available.

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