How to Make a Funeral Flyer

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A funeral flyer is an easy way to let co-workers and friends at a deceased person's workplace know about a funeral or memorial service. You can create the flyer quickly using a word processing program, such as Mircosoft Word, and then attach it to an email. Send to friends and ask them to forward the funeral flyer. The funeral flyer is especially appropriate if the deceased was a prominent member of the community.

Step 1

Open a word processing document, such as Mircosoft Word, and type the basic information. Include the full name of the deceased person, the date of the service, the time of the service, the location of the service and a welcoming message. An Example: Please join us for a special memorial service honoring the life of Lisa Smith." Follow this by the date, time and location.

Step 2

Insert a high-quality photo onto the flyer. Make sure the photo is a high-level pixel of at least 5 megapixels. This is because you will be printing and distributing this flyer. The more you manipulate the photo — such as enlarging it on the flyer — the more it can become fuzzy and distorted if the pixel count is not sufficient. Scan the photo, or if you have the photo on a disc or flash drive, upload it to your computer.

Step 3

Print the flyer on your computer and then take it to a professional copy center for mass copying. Or, attach the flyer to an email and send to colleagues and friends with the following message: "Friends, it is with regret I write to you about the passing of our loved friend and colleague Lisa Smith. Please see the attached memorial service flyer and forward to any who knew Lisa."