How to Make a Coupon Book for a Boyfriend

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A special man in your life may deserve a reward from time to time. Personalized coupon books work as a fun and inexpensive gift to show you appreciate your special someone. Your boyfriend can redeem the coupons for a massage or special dinner; you name it. The point of personal coupon books is to entice and excite your boyfriend. Decorate your book with ribbon or pictures of you for a personalized touch. With a few tips and ideas on the perfect personal coupon book you can give to your special someone.

Cut hearts out of the card stock and the blank sheet of white paper, using the scissors. The choice is yours as to how large the hearts will be, but the larger the hearts the fewer coupons you will have, so cut accordingly. Cut the card stock hearts slightly larger than the white computer paper hearts. When you lay the white paper hearts over the card stock hearts you should see the edges of the card stock making a border around the white paper hearts.

Use a black ink pen to write a witty or sensual service or gift of your choice on the white paper hearts. Some may write "one free foot massage" or "one private bubble bath," for example. Cursive writing will look more polished and romantic. Repeat this with the remainder of the card stock and paper hearts, but leave one card stock heart without a white sheet glued to it. The leftover card stock heart will be the coupon book cover.

Use a glue stick to glue the white paper hearts onto the card stock hearts with the card stock heart bordering the white paper heart.

Punch a hole in the top left hand corner of the glued hearts and the one remaining card stock heart and push a ribbon through. The remainder card stock heart should be at the front of the stack when the ribbon goes through.

Tie the ribbon in a bow to secure your book together.

Use a glitter pen to write "I love you" or your boyfriend's name on the cover page of the booklet, and you have finished your coupon book.