How to Maintain a Scruffy Beard

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Gone are the days where a perfectly smooth face was required to look polished and professional. However, a scruffy beard -- despite the name -- must be properly maintained to avoid getting out of control. The look is casually nonchalant and requires minimal effort to maintain it. Best of all, maintaining your scruff is an every three-day affair in most cases, whereas daily maintenance is required for a clean-shaven look.

Step 1

Brush your scruff in the natural direction of growth. This allows you to trim your hair properly while maintaining a natural look.

Step 2

Snap the guard on your clipper. Options include a one or two-millimeter guard, depending on the overall length you wish to maintain.

Step 3

Trim the entire beard evenly, using your trimmer.

Step 4

Blend your scruffy beard into your sideburns by applying an upward "flicking" motion where your sideburns meet your beard.

Step 5

Remove the guard from the trimmer. Shave a clean neckline, centered between your jawline and Adam's apple. Start in the middle and work outward toward your ears.

Step 6

Brush your mustache hair straight down to highlight what needs to go. Guide the razor carefully along the base of your upper lip, just removing a small amount to maintain a clean look.