Long Necklace Rules

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Long necklaces are among the most common ways to transform your outfits while having some fun. Still, many ladies refrain from these types of necklaces because they don’t know how to wear them. With all the lengths, widths and styles available, the necklace market can be a confusing one. To help you pull off a bold, yet polished look, keep your overall statement and appearance in mind when choosing long necklaces.

Wear in Layers

Gone are the days where you were restricted to wearing one necklace at a time. Longer lengths provide the perfect opportunity to wear multiple necklaces. You can choose to wear varying lengths of the same material or different necklaces altogether. Limit your choices to two or three at a time to avoid looking weighed down.


Long necklaces with pendants can work with your outfit in two ways. First, thinner chains with bold pendants pair nicely with otherwise plain outfits. If you’re looking to transform a boring work shirt into something more modern, try a long pendant necklace. The second function is ease of wear. When you’re new to long necklaces, you might find yourself struggling to fix the strands throughout the day. Pendants help you find your center so you can adjust your necklaces in just seconds.

Mind the Bulk

Layers and pendants naturally add bulk to your outfit, so you should choose thinner chains with these sorts of necklaces. Bulky necklaces work best when they are shorter in length. While you might be able to get away with the occasional long bulky necklace, make sure the rest of your outfit is proportional. Bulky strands in longer lengths work best when worn solo, and if your top or dress is a solid color.

Choose Your Best Shape

Length and bulk are among the key factors in choosing the best necklaces. However, you also need to consider your own body shape to correctly pull off the look. Curvy women can wear chunky necklaces easily, but you should avoid chains that hit at the bust-line if you have a large chest. On the flip-side, smaller chests can gain emphasis from necklaces that fall along the bust-line. V-shaped necklaces are among the most slimming for pear shapes and can also make you appear taller. As a rule of thumb, avoid wearing layered necklaces along with multiple bracelets or chunky earrings.